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NYSC: Need Medical Fitness/Report at the Cafe?

When registering for NYSC, you may be uncertain about what to do with the Medical Fitness and Medical report. Yes, the two or one of these will be required of all prospective corps members. Fitness signifies that you're capable of serving at NYSC, while medical report conditions you to be posted to a closer state where you can seek medical attention.

However, corps members may not know if these documents will be scanned and uploaded at the cafes for use during the mobilization registration.

Are we supposed to submit them to cafes? Will they scan and upload them at the points of registration?

In this post, I'll be answering your questions and shedding more light on related matters.

Medical Fitness Will Be Submitted at the NYSC Orientation Camp

It's important to obtain medical fitness before going to the camp, not necessarily before going to the café for registration. In other words, you can register for NYSC at a café without taking along your medical fitness document. However, you should complete those processes and have the documents ready before proceeding to camp.

As you may have deduced by now, a café won't require you to bring your medical fitness document, as there is no provision for scanning and uploading it during NYSC registration. Keep it with you if you already have it and submit it when you report to camp.

At the camp, during the documentation and screening process, among other documents, the medical fitness document will be requested before you're cleared to continue with the 21-day pre-service orientation.

Medical Report Can Be Used at The Café or at Camp

If you want to be posted to an intended state due to health reasons, you can request that by submitting the medical report during online NYSC registration. When going to the café for your registration, bring the medical report with you. The café will scan and upload it at the required point while filling out the form.

This section of the form will not be available to all prospective corps members. It will only open for those who choose "poor" in response to the "state of health" question. At this point, instead of choosing "good," select "poor." The system will recognize that and give you the option to state your health issues.

Upon submission, the form will open the page to scan and upload the medical reports for official perusal. It's this, if acknowledged and approved, that will determine if you'll be posted to the state you make special requests for.

Similarly, even if you choose "good" in the health status during the online registration, you can still complete the registration without scanning and uploading the medical report at the café. You'll then have to wait to be posted by the corps as they see fit.

At the camp, usually when the orientation is already underway, officials will ask corpers to submit their medical reports if they want to be considered for redeployment. It's at this point that you'll submit the report, which will be considered for your deployment based on health.

It's safe to say that it's better to scan and upload your medical report during the registration to avoid being posted to any state before requesting redeployment. If that option isn't considered, it's acceptable to use the medical report at the camp.


When registering for NYSC, there's no need to submit your Medical Fitness at the café. The café registration process focuses on basic documentation, with the Medical Fitness requirement becoming relevant at the NYSC Orientation Camp. 

However, if seeking a specific posting based on health grounds, you can upload your Medical Report at the café during online registration. Choosing "poor" in health status prompts this option. Ultimately, strategic use of medical documents can influence your deployment, ensuring a smoother NYSC experience.

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