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Date of Graduation on NYSC and Result Different? Solution!

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NYSC now strictly requires that the date of graduation on your statement of result or certificate matches the date sent by your institution to NYSC. Discrepancies are no longer tolerated, starting from the 2023 Batch 'A'. If you notice any difference during registration, it's important to correct it with your institution's Student Affairs Officer before proceeding to camp, as NYSC will not allow corrections at the orientation camps anymore. This ensures alignment between your academic records and the NYSC database, avoiding issues during deployment and posting.

For long, I've helped several prospective corpers beat their fear by assuring them of the difference in the date of graduation and the date on their statement of result.

And I was right about it. Back then, if there was any difference between the date of graduation sent by your school to NYSC and that which was printed on your statement of result or certificate, you had nothing to worry about.

But very recently, the story has changed and really got serious.

In this post, I will be sharing the latest position of the corps on the disparity between the date of graduation sent to it, by your university or polytechnic, and the date such school printed on or dated your statement of result/certificate.

NYSC Will No Longer Accept Results With Different Dates To Senate's

The background knowledge is that every school must have included the date of graduation of its graduates in the list to be sent to NYSC.

Included in the list is also your name, JAMB registration number, matriculation number, and course of studies.

This date, under normal circumstances, should be the same date that will be printed on your statement of result. That is, the date on which the statement of result says you earn your BSC or HND. And if it's a certificate, the date should be when it's signed.

Normally, the date will be the same across all the statements of results or certificates of the graduating students.

Here, the HND statement of result 19/11/2011 while the paper was prepared and signed on different dates

And don't mix things up! The date of graduation is not necessarily the date of issue. The date of issue may appear at the top corner of the letterhead of the school on which the statement of result is printed. The date of graduation will show in the main body or content of the statement of result and usually towards the concluding part.

Where You Will See The Date Of Graduation On the NYSC Portal

While registering for NYSC, at a café, the first stage of your application will show the graduation date sent by the school to NYSC. You should pay attention to it there. It will show at the profile creation stage where you entered both your JAMB registration number and matric number.

Date of graduation loaded at this stage after entering JAMB reg. and matric number

With these two entered, the page will reload and show your full name (as sent to NYSC), your grade (as sent to NYSC), your course (as sent to NYSC), and finally the year of graduation (as sent to NYSC).

And if you miss taking notes at this stage, you'll have it on your green card which will only be available for printing after completing and submitting the application.

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Is this Date The Same As The One On Your Result/Certificate?

If your answer is yes, you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, there is a need to stop your registration here (if you see it before you submit the profile creation stage).

Yes, you have to stop your NYSC application in the meantime and get things corrected before you proceed with the application.

And if you've not collected your statement of the result yet (because some graduates will want to complete their NYSC registrations before going to school to get the statement of result), to confirm if it tallies with what is on the NYSC portal, write the date down at the profile creation stage. And of course, it will come out with your green card after NYSC registration. 

NYSC Green card showing the date of graduation sent to the corps by a university

If eventually, the dates are not the same, you have to take to the best advice given by the corps itself, as quoted below.

Effective from 2023 Batch 'A' All Prospective Corps members (PCMs) are to note that correction of their Dates of Graduation will no longer be allowed in the Orientation Camps. PCMs with discrepancies in the Date of Graduation on their Statement of Result and what was uploaded by their Institution to the NYSC portal should resolve the problem with their Student Affairs Officers (SAOs) and should not proceed to Camp until the issue is resolved.

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You Shouldn't Risk Going to Camp With Different Dates 

I know some corpers had risked beating NYSC to its word, in the past, and it worked for them.

I don't doubt that because the corps swallowed its warning released earlier (in 2022) before the one above. With this new warning, I won't advise taking the same risk.

Luckily, because you're already mobilized, you have nothing to worry about again while trying to resolve the issue at hand. Hence, you can notify your Student Affairs Officers (SAOs) to get the dating fixed if you notice it at the profile creation stage.

With this approach, if you can't go with this stream or batch of graduates, you may lose nothing if you wait for the next.

And if you've completed your registration before you see the error, on your green card, you will still resolve things with the Student Affairs Officers (SAOs). 

Once resolved, the unit will resend the correction to NYSC. The corps will then update the same in its database. This may be done before posting for the current batch or stream or if delayed, you may need to wait for the next batch/stream.

To know if the date has changed on the NYSC portal, if you reprint your green card, the problem should have been resolved after redownloading the green card.

The "From Year" and "To Year" Of Study Are Different

I've seen PCMs who got worried because of the mistake they made in their choice of the start year and end year of their higher institutions.

For example, a corps member's date of graduation is 14/04/2022. While filling out the mobilization form, he claimed 2015-2023 for her university/course.

It's true that the ending year should be 2022, but this won't matter at camp. What matters to NYSC is the date sent by the school which has to tally with the date on the statement of result or certificate.

I stand here to assure you that error at the start and end year doesn't have an effect at camp. Even though you should avoid this mistake, you won't be taken up for a mix-up here. NYSC only recons with your "date of graduation" as sent to them.

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What If Your School Doesn't Resolve The Date Issues On Time?

I'd earlier said this, you don't have to be worried about it. Your posting/camping could be delayed till the next batch probably because the school takes a long time to change and send the updated records to the corps.

And if you're panicking because of your age, don't worry.

Let's say you're 30 when this delay happens and you must resolve this before going back. You will be afraid of your age because by the time school will be done, you probably are older than 30 (leaving you out of NYSC automatically).

That's not true!

Once mobilized at the right age, even for any reason you don't go to NYSC (in years), you're welcome to go any time you wish without any hindrance. You've been mobilized, you can go to NYSC any time you wish. This is why most people at 32, 33, or more find their way to camps even though they're overage.


Don't be convinced that the date of graduation difference from the date of graduation on the statement of result won't matter. It will!

The fact that the corps was lenient in the past doesn't mean that it will continue.

In fact, the corps has finally taken it up and seriously. Starting from 2023 Batch 'A', don't take the risk with a date that doesn't align across the board.

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