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How Many Times Can Someone Revalidate for NYSC?

When I shared a narration about one Lawyer Emeka in the post, "If I Defer/Revalidate, Will NYSC Change State of Deployment?", I actually wasn't meant to give you the idea of how the state of deployment might or might not change just for the validation.

But there was a point to note there. You could revalidate for NYSC more than once just as seen in the story of the carefree lawyer.

In this post, I want to expatiate on this issue just because very recently a prospective corps member chatted me to know if he could revalidate his NYSC more than two times.

Apparently, I had already done the revalidation twice. Would it be possible to do it more times, if he really needed to.

NYSC Allows Revalidation More Than Once

If you're about to defer your NYSC for the first time, and hoping to be revalidated for the next stream/batch, the good news is that the corps won't question your decision.

It's yours to decide whether to wait after being mobilized for NYSC or go. What doesn't change is that you've been mobilized and could decide to go when ready.

If you don't go with Batch A, for example, you should be ready to be automatically mobilized and posted with Batch B. And that's one-time revalidation.

However, if you don't want to go with Batch B, when the time comes, you can still wait for Batch C. You'll still be revalidated and posted without query. That makes it a two-time revalidation.

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You Can Revalidate For More Times Than Two

Most people revalidate only once while a few others take advantage of the second time. Luckily, if for any reason, you require further revalidation, you can keep posting things until you're ready.

NYSC doesn't have the maximum number of times to be revalidated or posted. Once, you're mobilized by your school within the serving age, and you've registered (or not yet) for the NYSC posting, revalidation can be continual until you're ready to serve.

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You Can Revalidate NYSC Posting Beyond Age 30

Once area of confusion is if it's possible to revalidate NYSC when you're above the serving age of 30. 

Most people are aware of the revalidation. Some are even aware of the two or more times of revalidation. However, they're buried to understanding whether, at above 30, you'll still be mobilized.

There is a difference between a prospective cooper's age and the age of the mobilization.

The age of mobilization is what matters to NYSC. If you're mobilized at 28, your records including your JAMB registration number (which carries your date of birth), and date of graduation (sent with senate list) are already with the corps. And if you're not ready to serve, with continual revalidation till you're 32 or above, NYSC won't stop you from serving.

You'll be posted on revalidation and serve accordingly.

Don't forget that your records i.e. data with which you're mobilized remain the same (28) even at 32. Hence, to the corps and online system, you're still 28 when you're being posted.

A Case Study of One Osun State Polytechnic Graduate

Rukoyah came for her NYSC registration a while ago. While at the first stage of the registration where the date of graduation, as sent to NYSC, would show, we noticed that she was already older than 30, at the time of the NYSC registration.

The date read about 3 years ago while other graduates from her school were showing a newer date of graduation.

What happened?

She had graduated about three years ago. The school had sent her with that year's senate list. However, it was when she went for her statement of result that the school noticed she had some academic issues.

She had to wait for a few years to clear the mess. After the problem was over, she was now ready to go to service. But by now, she was already above the serving age.

She had personally thought she wouldn't be going to service again due to her current age but I convinced her to continue with the registration and that she would still serve.

To her surprise after the registration, she was given a call-up number which implied she would be posted with others and she was posted to Enugu in the end.

The summary of what happened here was that once you're posted at the right age whether you did the NYSC registration and kept revalidating or you didn't even register until above age 30, you'd still be mobilized based on your age as of the time you're mobilized (i.e. what the senate list and JAMB registration number read).

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