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NYSC: Don't Want Husband's Name on Discharge Certificate?

One of the means to get official NYSC relocation approval or posting is Marriage. Yes, you can be posted to your intended or husband's state based on your marriage status claimed. And if you registered, originally, as married, you're more certain to be posted to your husband's or any state wanted

For relocation too, all it requires you to do is apply as a married PCM. If approved, you're posted to the desired state or you can apply for relocation based on marriage too. 

The effect of applying for NYSC on marriage stand is that your surname will change to your husband's name. You will be shown/informed, at the point of your NYSC registration, before the final submission, to agree to the new order of names. 

This is because when submitted, your green card, call-up letter, and your NYSC discharged certificate (on completion of the service year), will bear the new arrangement which will have your husband's surname replacing yours.

However, some prospective corps members don't want to change their surnames, even though they're truly married. This can be common among Muslim women who are not ordained to necessarily change their surnames even after marriage.

Some are not married, they just want to get the posting or relocation through this medium. We can just call that a lie! And it may be fine if there's a way out.

This post is to guide you on how to get an NYSC posting or relocation without changing your surname if you must claim to be married.

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You Will Have To Register As A Single

During NYSC mobilization, at a café registering for you, you won't select the married option. Instead, you will register like every other single.

Yes, with that, the corps' portal or system will not ask you to scan, upload and submit the required marriage-related documents. If you use the married option here, you'll be forced to complete your registration only if those documents are uploaded.

But will they post you as married with that?

The answer is no. I will take you through how to achieve that in the next section. 

Needless to say, with registration as a single, your green card, and call-up (posting) letter will have your names as they're on all other documents e.g. results. That is, your surname remains. 

Consequently, you will not be posted to your husband or desired state (straight) when the call-up letter is out. You will have to bear going to the camp of any state you're posted to first. But I assure you, you will achieve what you want by following the rest of this post.

Now, let's get to work!

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Apply for Relocation as a Married Corps Member on the Camp

You're posted to another state? You'll, here, apply for relocation like any other corps member. 

While some will be using medical reasons, some will use marriage. In your case, you use the latter.

The camp officials will ask you to submit the following documents.

  1. Evidence of Marriage e.g. Marriage certificate or court affidavit of marriage
  2. Newspaper publication of change of names
  3. Husband's domicile letter or local government identification of the husband
  4. O'level Result e.g. WAEC, NECO, NABTEB

With all these submitted, the officials will file you for relocation. Then, you can leave the camp or complete your camping.

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While in camp or after leaving, be checking your NYSC online dashboard. Here, right at the button on your first page, you should see a section to upload your documents. 

Got it?

Now, snap/scan (reduce the size to less than 200kb), upload, and submit the four documents above.

That's it.

In a few hours, the portal will be activated for you to pay for and print your relocation letter.

On printing this, your name will remain the same as it's on your results, green card, and call-up letter. In other words, they won't change your surname to that of your husband.

Simply put, the reason you will achieve this is that NYSC will not manually change your name to that of your husband. It's the website that was designed to do that if you registered, from the start, as a married PCM.


Those who filled out the NYSC forms with the married options will have their names changed starting from the green card to their discharged certificate. Those who did not use the married option, following the method in this post, will have their names remain the same from the green card to the certificates.

In the case of the latter, you just have to sacrifice being posted to any state, to start with. If you can do that, you're good to go.

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