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36 Nigerian States and Their NYSC Allowances

The last time I checked, one major influential factor when a prospective corps member is looking for direct or straight posting is money. Even though there are states that promise more than just allowance - employment, a threat-free environment.

I still agree with you that money is much talked about when a corper adamantly wants to be posted to Lagos State, Enugu State, or FCT Abuja.

If you want to flex beyond the N33,000 federal approved monthly allowee (after all your PPA may not be juicy), you may want to check the list of states in the post and their corresponding payments.

It's important to note that, these allowances can change at any time in the future or it's already charging as of the time of reading this. Yet, this was the last update available.

Corpers' Allowances By State - 36 States and FCT Abuja

  1. Abia State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  2. Adamawa State: N20,000 monthly allowance
  3. Akwa Ibom State: N10,000 monthly allowance
  4. Anambra State: N8,500 monthly allowance
  5. Bauchi State: N1,250 monthly allowance
  6. Bayelsa State: N3,000 monthly allowance
  7. Benue State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  8. Borno State: N1,000 monthly allowance
  9. Cross River State: N3,090 monthly allowance
  10. Delta State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  11. Ebonyi State: N10,000 monthly allowance
  12. Edo State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  13. Ekiti State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  14. Enugu State: N10,000 monthly allowance
  15. FCT Abuja: N4,000 monthly allowance
  16. Gombe State: N7,500 monthly allowance
  17. Imo State: N2,000 monthly allowance
  18. Jigawa State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  19. Kaduna State: N3,000 monthly allowance
  20. Kano State: N4,000 monthly allowance
  21. Katsina State: N3,000 monthly allowance
  22. Kebbi State: N2,000 monthly allowance
  23. Kogi State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  24. Kwara State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  25. Lagos State: N15,000 monthly allowance
  26. Nasarawa State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  27. Niger State: N6,000 monthly allowance
  28. Ogun State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  29. Ondo State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  30. Osun State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  31. Oyo State: N15,000 monthly allowance
  32. Plateau State: N5,000 monthly allowance
  33. Rivers State: N10,000 monthly allowance
  34. Sokoto State: N4,000 monthly allowance
  35. Taraba State: N10,000 monthly allowance
  36. Yobe State: N2,500 monthly allowance
  37. Zamfara State: N3,000 monthly allowance

Important Notice Regards State Payment of Allowance

  1. Some state governments will not pay you except you're directly working for the state government e.g. Oyo. In order words, if your PPA is federal, you may be limited to only the general allowee of N33,000. If a private establishment, you can only look up to your employer for some juice. For example, Oyo State
  2. Some states, in contrast, will pay you its allowee irrespective of whether you're posted to a federal, state, or private organization e.g. Osun.
  3. Payment for professional corpers e.g. Nurses, doctors can be significantly higher in some states compared to others e.g. Akwa Ibom, Kaano, Delta, etc., pay up to 60,000 for these categories of corpers.
  4. Some states may not pay up these allowances even though they pay higher. Similarly, some will only pay together at the end of the service year instead of paying monthly. In most cases, you eventually get 6-month payment instead of the whole 12 months.


The amounts and conditions of state government allowances may vary and are subject to change from time to time. You can check with the NYSC state coordinator of the state where you are posted for the most accurate and up-to-date information on any additional support or incentives provided by the state government or other organizations.

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