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Can I Do Top-Up Degree While Serving at NYSC?

Are you an HND holder, and at present serving, who wish to run a top-up degree programme? Or you're about to go for NYSC after you HND but considering converting HND to BSC while serving?

A Top-up degree is one of the means HND holders are taking to be equivalent to their BSC counterparts. And the earlier you do it the better.

This is why very many serving corpers will not want to wait till the end of their service year before obtaining their applications for top-up degrees.

The question is, will it be possible to run a top-up degree with NYSC? Is it officially allowed to be serving at NYSC, obtain the application form for HND/BSC conversion programme and run the course simultaneously?

NYSC Won't Stop You From Obtaining Another Degree Form While Serving

Of course, NYSC will not officially limit you from obtaining any other admission forms e.g Masters, PGDE, Direct Entry, Top-up Degree.

This is because some universities won't ask for NYSC certificates for the MSC programmes. In fact, you're allowed to obtain DE form if you want to use a new degree.

So also, if you must obtain the top-up degree form during the service year, you're allowed officially. 

However, there can be a limit to your admission, in the case of this HND/BSC conversion admission. Let's discuss that in the next section!

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Universities Running Top-Up Degrees Requires NYSC Certificates

Even though you can obtain the top-up degree form during the service year, you may not be admitted until you're able to provide your NYSC certificate.

Yes, an NYSC certificate is one of the main prerequisites to be admitted for the conversion programme. Nearly all the universities will ask for it as part of what you need to show before being admitted. 

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If you will see one university that may not require the NYSC certificate for the top-up degree course, you may need to pay a visit to the university or contact them through the online contact to confirm if they will waive that for you.

However, if you're exempted (over-aged who was given NYSC exemption certificate) or excluded (part-time, distance learning, NOUN or sandwich programme graduate who was given an exclusion certificate/letter, you can still obtain the top-up degree and be offered admission within the service year since you already have your certificate.

Candidates who will serve for 12 months, before being given the discharged certificates, will be left with no other choice than to wait for the release of their discharged certificates before any hope of being admitted for the conversion course.


If by any means you can obtain the form closer to the end of your service year, go ahead. Then, you should be with the discharged certificate when they will be calling you to resume classes which is more likely the point when you will need to present the certificate for screening.

During the online application, there may not be the need to fill in the certificate number or upload the scanned document. If required, indicate you already have the certificate. The form may remain on sale until you have it handy. And by ill luck, you can't meet the year's admission, you can defer it, officially, till the following admission year.

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  1. How many years is the conversion of hnd to BSc in Caleb university?
    I’m an hnd holder but will go for service soon, is it possible for me to run the BSc program and also continue with my NYSC.Or is it compulsory I submit my NYSC certificate to Caleb ?

    1. Same situation I am facing now with Fuoye and lasu… got the conversion form and about to serve as well…


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