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Can I Apply for Direct Entry While at Service (NYSC)?

After publishing my post, "Which one is Better Top-Up Degree and Direct Entry?", a few readers had asked if they could obtain Direct Entry forms while serving at NYSC. Is it allowed to seek admission to another university, through DE, while at NYSC - serving?

Let's break this down a bit.

You're already at service as an HND or BSC holder and you want to consider obtaining another JAMB Direct Entry (DE) aiming to pursue a second degree or want to have another degree with your HND. You now want to know if this is possible? Is it legal to be at NYSC and still be pulling admission through Direct entry? Won't you be deprived the admission if it's known you'd been to a university/polytechnic; even graduated and right now serving?

This post will answer your questions and address related concerns.

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You Can Be Serving and Still Process Direct Entry Admission

As a serving corps member, you can still process admission into any university through the JAMB Direct Entry Form. DE admission, if offered, will admit you into the 200 or 300 level of your proposed course. See Universities That Accept HND/Bsc into 300 Level Direct Entry (DE)

There is no place, statutorily, where NYSC forbids serving corpers from processing admission into universities while under the corps. And since you have a year to complete your service, the year could just be used to process the DE admission without one overlapping the other.

However, even if you're offered admission during the service year, you should find a means to maneuver things so you don't allow one to affect the other. You can even defer the admission till the end of your service year.

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JAMB Won't Stop Your Admission If Offered During NYSC

If you're contemplating because you think JAMB may deprive you of the admission, if it's ever known you'd once been offered admission by the same or another university or polytechnic, don't be discouraged.

As a matter of fact, it's possible to deprive you of admission only if JAMB is aware you're still in school. But now that you're done, you're no more in her nest. However, to be safer, you may consider creating a new JAMB profile for this DE registration - thereby using a different phone number from the one used for your first HND or BSC admission.

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The University Won't Deprive you the Admission if Merited

Of course, you won't have any problem being admitted to the new university. They don't literally care about the fact that you'd once gained admission, undergone a university or polytechnic course, or still serving or already served. What matters is following the right channel to secure your new admission, which of course, is the JAMB direct entry.

In fact, you may resecure admission into the same university graduated from, if you're a BSC holder. No law stops you from taking your second-degree course on the same campus. This is different from trying to be running two different courses together at the same time under the same university. Of course, rarely do we have universities that allow that.

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