Dates of Birth: JAMB, WAEC, NIN, NYSC Solutions? -

Dates of Birth: JAMB, WAEC, NIN, NYSC Solutions?

I was contacted recently by an admission seeker. The poor lady informed me that her date of birth on WAEC was incorrect, and she intended to correct it. She wanted to know if correction was possible and, if so, how to go about it.

When I'm contacted in such situations, I'm adept at understanding why students are keen on altering their date of birth on WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB results before seeking admission. The simple answer is that they want to ensure their date of birth doesn't hinder them from participating in the NYSC. 

The age limit for NYSC remains 30, and if the date of birth is higher upon admission, combined with the typical disruptions from ASUU and ASUP strikes, one might surpass the age limit by the time of graduation and mobilization, rendering them ineligible for NYSC.

In this post, you'll find insights from my conversation with my contact, and if you share similar concerns, you can explore solutions or gain an understanding of the state of affairs in such situations.

Unfortunately, Changing the Date of Birth on WAEC is Not Possible 

WAEC, like other examination bodies (NECO, NABTEB), no longer corrects or changes dates of birth on its results or certificates. You might have come across information elsewhere suggesting that you can write a letter to WAEC or pay a certain amount of money to correct the date of birth on your WAEC result. I regret to inform you that this is misinformation or a scam.

On multiple occasions, including through news sources, WAEC has clearly stated that it no longer corrects dates of birth on its results/certificates. It might have been possible a few years ago, but currently, that avenue has been closed with no hope of it returning.

After telling her this, she was understandably displeased. She went on to explain that her year of birth on WAEC was 1998, while the year on her NIN was 1999. She wanted to know if this presented another problem.

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NIN Date of Birth Must Match SSCE Result

Indeed, this poses another issue for the lady. The date of birth on WAEC, NECO, or NABTEB should align with the one on your NIN if you intend to use them for your JAMB registration.

JAMB will not manually enter your date of birth during UTME/DE registration. Instead, the board will collect your data, including names, date of birth, and state/LGA of origin from the NIN.

Candidates will be required to use their NINs for JAMB registration to collect this information. If it were possible to manually input the date of birth during JAMB registration, she could have used the 1998 date from the WAEC result. Unfortunately, this is not possible. She will be compelled to use the date of birth on the NIN, which is 1999.

Obviously, this creates a clear conflict. She may not face issues during JAMB registration, as no one will scrutinize her at that stage. It won't hinder the board or the school from offering her admission. However, after being offered admission, during the physical screening, the school management will compare her SSCE result's date of birth with that on the JAMB result/form. If they don't match, she may have to undergo undue stress or risk losing the admission.

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If You Can't Use Your Result for Admission Due to Higher Age

The lady spoke to me when she was exactly 25 years old. If she gains admission at this age with her WAEC result, for a course of 4 years, she should be 29 at the graduation year - all things being equal. Then, she will be eligible for NYSC without any issue. Even if she is 30 at graduation, she will still be eligible for NYSC.

If your situation is not favorable and you will be more than 30 at graduation, you may not be able to use such O'level results for admission. My best advice is to obtain another WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE and register it with the age that will favor you for NYSC.

Don't forget that you must change your NIN date of birth to match the one used on such a result so that all information will align across the board.

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Before Registering for JAMB UTME/DE

I advised her that since the WAEC result could still be used for admission and eligibility for NYSC if she graduates by or before 30, she will need to change 1999 on the NIN to the 1998 date on the WAEC result. This will help her avoid issues during the freshers' screening/documentation after being admitted.

Meanwhile, if there is a need for anybody to correct the date of birth on NIN, the best time to do such correction is before obtaining JAMB in the first place. If you correct it before the JAMB form is out, by the time you buy the JAMB form with your NIN, the new correction will reflect on the JAMB form. If you delay or generate a code to buy the JAMB form first, the old date of birth will be on the form even if you change it later.

Candidates might not be aware of this before buying the JAMB form. If you fall into this category, you can still correct the NIN date of birth after obtaining JAMB. Once done, you'll return to the JAMB office to correct the date of birth on the JAMB too. This is the only way the correction will reflect on both NIN and JAMB portals.


Navigating discrepancies in date of birth across educational certificates, NIN, and JAMB poses significant challenges for prospective students. The unavailability of options to correct WAEC date of birth exacerbates concerns about eligibility for NYSC. The intricacies of aligning NIN data with exam results for JAMB registration demand careful consideration to avoid future complications.

As highlighted in the case of the concerned individual, strategic planning is crucial to ensure a smooth academic journey, admission, and subsequent eligibility for NYSC. Prospective candidates should proactively address discrepancies early in the process, emphasizing the need for streamlined coordination between educational bodies and national identification systems.

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