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Already Admitted, Can I Obtain JAMB and Use Last Profile?

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Some candidates, admitted in the last admission year, are considering obtaining new JAMB UTME or DE forms. Some were previously offered courses that were only accepted for leave-home sake. Some were convinced they could change course at the 200 level. In fact, a few had learned that it’s better to accept a course than to waste years at home.

Now, another JAMB form is out and they want to reconsider it. As a result, some questions are bothering them. Among these are:

  1. Can I obtain another JAMB after being previously admitted but never reporting to school?
  2. Can I obtain another JAMB after being admitted and now in the 100 or 200 level.
  3. If Yes, should I use my previous JAMB profile or open a new one?
  4. Won’t JAMB disqualify my application if they found out I was earlier admitted but still obtain another form?

The questions seem endless.

Most of you had got a series of misconceptions about this. These and many more will be covered and addressed in this post as concisely as possible.

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Admitted Students Can Obtain JAMB Again

There is no rule of thumb that once you’re admitted you can’t obtain the JAMB form again.

Though there are things you must know upfront which we will get to shortly.

Whether you’re now in the 100 or 200 level of a course in a university or you’re in a polytechnic ND 1 or 2, or 100 or 200 level at a college of education, you can still buy JAMB form to pull admission into another course, the same school or a different institution.

Don't stop reading yet. There's more to know!

To Obtain Another JAMB, You Will Still Use the Same Profile

Before the 2022 admission year, even though you could obtain another form, JAMB was still regulating admissions to discourage double admissions. Hence, they monitored that through the JAMB CAPS.

As such, for them not to stop your chance of gaining the new admission, before now, you would not want to use the old profile while purchasing the new form.

However, starting from the 2021 admission year, the board introduced the use of NIN to create JAMB profiles and buy UTME/DE forms. With this, candidates are tied to the same profiles if they choose to obtain JAMB forms again. This is because NIN can't be changed year in and year out.

With this, going into the 2022 admission activities and for the years henceforth, you're not allowed to change your profile as you're not allowed to change NIN. You're using the old profile to buy the new form.

JAMB is aware of this and is legal and allowed. 

With this new system, your JAMB profile will create CAPS for you under different years. When you want to use the last JAMB platform, you can use that. And when you want to use the new JAMB platform, you can use that - both under the same profile.

The Same Institution May Not Offer you Admission

One hidden secret is that some schools have policies that may NOT ALLOW them to offer the same student on their campuses another admission.

These schools carefully check the records of their admitted students to see that no matching before they release admission lists each year. When the same candidate is trying to gain admission into the institution the second time, they deprive him.

Therefore, if you must seek admission again, consider another school in your own interest. Though this is not general among schools, it will place you on the safer side.

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  1. thanks a lot sir, this gave me answers to my questions

  2. Pls I already used my last year's phone number and profile to obtain a new jamb and my jamb cap is still showing reg from. Last year, pls wot can I do?

  3. Sir please,i already used my last profile code to register again for the next year... I got a new registration number and everything is in 2021 not 2020,although I can change it to 2020 if I feel like.. I've already seen AIP in my 2021 caps.. Will I still be admitted?

  4. Can I use my 2020 profile code and register for 2022?
    If I wasn't sent pin number after payment what can I do

    1. First, try sending NIN followed by your 11-digit NIN e.g NIN 7819627421189 and send to 55019. If it processes a new profile code, fine. If it doesn't, it will tell you what happens and what to do.

  5. Pls sir,I already accepted admission for a school through 2021 jamb,but I want to apply for another school,is it possible and won't it afffect my chance of getting admitted this year and losing the previous one

    1. Answers to your question is already covered in the post. Read.

  6. Sir here is the thing...I accepted admission 2021 but I use the same profile code to register this year ....bit I want to apply for another course in the same school... sir please is it possible?

    1. Yes, it's possible. There will be two accounts in the same profile. One with the old course. The other with the new course.

    2. Sir please can it by chance delay my admission

    3. Never. It doesn't have any effect on your admission as already covered in the post above.

  7. Sir, I’m in my final year with the intention to finish my bsc. Then apply for nursing school in another school. Is it possible? Will jamb allow me? I’ve written this years jamb already.I have just a semesters exam left . Once they call off the strike I’ll be writing the exams in two weeks. Will it clash or cause an issue?

    1. Nursing school is different from a university offering nursing. If you've written JAMB to enter another university for Nursing, you have no issue with that. If you're obtaining a school of nursing form to study nursing, you have no issue with that either.

      Recommended link:

  8. Sir, I'm admitted into the university can I issue for another jamb while still in school

    1. Yes. Take time to read the post above. It's already answered your question very comprehensively.

  9. Sir can I gain admission into the University of Ibadan to study Medicine and Surgery with 220 JAMB score. If so what are is my chances of gaining admission. What score do I need in my post UTME to be considered for admission

    1. It's a pretty low score. But you can try your luck if you will score very higher such as 85% or 90% in the post UTME

  10. Sir can I use d profile code I use for DE in 2021 to obtain jamb regularization for my previous programme in 2022

  11. Sir, pls i was given admission in UNN to study sociology but i initially applied for law in 2021 jamb. Is it possible for me to register for another postUme in the same school since i have been given a matriculation number?


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