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JAMB UTME: My Computer Shut Down by Itself (Help!)

JAMB's system is designed to pause the timer if a candidate's computer shuts down during the exam, allowing them to resume where they left off once the issue is resolved; however, if technical difficulties persist, candidates may be rescheduled for another day and should expect notifications accordingly.

Until you're a victim of circumstances, you won't believe everyone has a fair share of JAMB problems during the exam. A few students will face system issues during UTME - one that can break you down is when your computer goes off.

Imagine your computer shutting down while you're already in the middle of the exam or about to submit. Or if you're already affected by this calamity?

In this post, I will help candidates who are looking for answers to what will happen if their computer shuts down while their exam is ongoing and those who are trying to understand their fate after such an occurrence.

JAMB System is Designed To Stop Your Test If the Computer Shuts Down

The way the JAMB system was designed, candidates are saved from problems of computers shutting down during their exams. Of course, the board is aware of any eventuality, and computers can be faulty anytime - it's a machine. Hence, the exam platform has been designed to help with such cases.

A parent who narrated her daughter's ordeal shared the following:

Why would an approved CBT center have a system that goes off at will and a mouse that keeps hanging, thereby frustrating the effort of the student... That was my daughter's experience yesterday at Preseaf Academy CBT Center Yenagoa yesterday. It's not funny being a time-based exam.

JAMB, while addressing the case or any other one, said:

Please be aware that the timer on your system will pause as soon as the system goes off for you to continue from where you've stopped. This has nothing to do with your inability to complete your exam.

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You Can Continue Where You Stopped After Being Back Online

In this situation, there will be a need to immediately alert the technical crew and CBT officials to check the problem. They will attend to it and get you back online.

In most cases, they can restart the same computer, get it fixed, and ask you to log in to continue. Going by the official reply, as designed by the system, you will find yourself right where you stopped with nothing wrong with all your already answered questions.

Similarly, they can give you another computer to continue with. Since the exam is live and online, once you log in with your JAMB registration number, you're to resume right where your former computer shut down.

Where There Is No Solution

Sometimes, though not common, if you can't get back online possibly no vacant or backup computers, the technical crew and officials may have to reschedule you for another day. So, if you're affected and already told to wait for a rescheduled SMS or check your JAMB exam slip to know when rescheduled, they meant it.
JAMB has designed its system so that students who couldn't write the exam due to any technical issues (which system shutting includes) will be rescheduled for another day. From experience, such candidates are usually rescheduled to the following day or the third day. Hence, if you're concerned, be on the lookout for the SMS and check the JAMB exam slip page to know if you've been recalled.

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