Can I Upload Two Results to JAMB or School Portal? -

Can I Upload Two Results to JAMB or School Portal?

You can Upload the Two Results to JAMB portal
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A member of my group just asked: "Can someone upload two results to the JAMB portal?"

Of course, once there are questions, there must be answers. If my blog never dries out of questions, I'll continually have something to address.

If you notice, this candidate is aware that, candidates can use two sittings for their admissions. I explained more of schools that accept two sittings, those that don't, and for which courses in, "Universities/Polytechnics Accepting Two Sittings For Admissions".

With the linked post, someone can answer our friend. But it's like he wanted to know whether it's possible to upload the two results to the JAMB portal.

I will answer this and add the cases of individual schools too.

You Can Upload Two O'level Results to the JAMB Portal

JAMB requires all admission seekers to upload their results to the board's portal during the UTME/DE registration. And if you're awaiting results, you must return to any CBT center to upload them as soon as the results are released.

With this said, two sittings are acceptable for admission to expect in some cases. Hence, if your own course and school are accepting two results, you should upload the same to the JAMB portal.

For example, UNILAG strictly accepts one sitting for all her courses. Hence, for this university, you're expected to upload only one result to the JAMB portal. See 88 UNILAG Courses Accredited for Admissions.

For most other institutions, two sittings are generally accepted. If you want to know schools that accept one or two, kindly read the post linked above.

In summary, JAMB accepts two results for courses and schools that accept them. Hence, you should upload as necessary.

You Can Upload Two Results for Post UTME Registrations

Even though the explanation above has answered our friend's question, let's help others who may be asking the same about school websites.

On individual schools' portals, provisions are made for candidates to fill in their O'level results/grades. Each school will usually leave spaces for candidates to fill the first sitting and second sitting (in most cases, separately).

This means you will fill the first result (first sitting) in one side or above, then, the second result (second sitting) below or the other side. For example, ABU, UNILORIN, UI, OAU, FUTA etc portal has this design.

Where candidates are expected to scan and upload their results, picture browsing icons will be made available on the school portals for them to attach the two results individually. For example, LASU, Federal Polytechnic Ede, etc requires result attachment.

There are also a few cases, where the portals will be designed such that candidates can combine strictly the required subjects only from the two results. For example, Osun State Polytechnic Iree, Osun State College of Technology Esa-Oke, etc only require you to pick the 5 required results (with the best grades) from the two sittings and match them on the portals.

In this case, candidates will pick better grades (for the required subjects) from each of the results.


Having said that both schools and JAMB want to see your O'level result before offering you admission. Also, that all schools are accepting two results (sittings except for a few schools and courses), both parties will make provisions for candidates to fill and/or upload the two results they intend to use for admissions.

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  1. Good evening sir I just came across your blog I am so impressed my question to you now is that if you have uploaded your result before and now you want to change it to two sittings result can you do it the school and course accept two sittings result

  2. Please explain how to upload the waec and neco result combination in a CBT center

    1. Read the post below for that explanation.

    2. Sir
      Please can I use my last year Jamb Caps again?
      Won't the information remain the same?
      How can I change it

    3. You will compulsorily use the same CAPS. You can't change it. One CAPS is for one NIN and profile code. The information for this year will be separated from that of last year.

    4. Please sir I want to used two sitting for admission and my first sitting is waec second by NECO and have already uploaded the NECO which is second but now I want to upload the waec but I want the waec shou reflect as first sitting sir how may I do it sir πŸ™

  3. Good afternoon. I use only one sitting (neco) during jamb registration but I want to add waec results to it now. Is that possible?

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  5. Good day, sir. If I upload both Waec and Neco result to jamb Portal, will both reflect on my caps. If only Neco result reflect, what should I do?

  6. pls sir university dat is easily to see admission

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