Are All UTME Candidates Writing Exams the Same Day? -

Are All UTME Candidates Writing Exams the Same Day?

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As candidates prepare for the forthcoming UTME, one of the concerns they want answers to is the question, "are all UTME candidates writing or sitting for their Computer-based Test on the same day?"

Of course, there is the need to ask this question so that you will have a good understanding of how the exams will go.

In this post, I will use both present and past references to answer the question of whether UTME students will sit for JAMB on the same date or on different dates.

JAMB Will Schedule UTME Candidates on Different Dates

For the past few years, the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has been scheduling UTME candidates on different days for their exams. And that is not expected to change now or anytime in the future.

In other words, the JAMB UTME schedule will run for about a week or more. This is because the available CBT centers for the exams, will not be enough for all the students to write on the same day. Hence, there will be a need for some to take the exams on the first day and others to be spread over the other days.

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Checking the JAMB UTME Time-Table, It Shows More Days for UTME

In the JAMB timetable,  for example, the exam dates are scheduled to be held for about two weeks. 

With this, UTME had been held for a complete 7 working days and two weekends - making 9 days altogether.

Some candidates would be on day 1, day 2 until the last day.

This kind of schedule will be repeated for this year and any year in the future because changes are not expected any time sooner.

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UTME is Scheduled to Hold a Few Settings Per Day too

Having established that, you should expect UTME to hold for several days, it should equally be noted that there could be more than one sitting for the exams daily.

For example, on day 1, candidates could be scheduled about 4 times for that day. In other words, while some candidates will sit for their papers by 8am, some may sit for theirs by 11am, while others may be scheduled for 1pm and 4pm. 

This shows you that, even for the daily schedule, all candidates are not sitting for their papers at the same time.

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