Can I Obtain Another JAMB While Waiting for Admission? -

Can I Obtain Another JAMB While Waiting for Admission?

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More than 50% (just perceived) of admission seekers, in the recent year, is yet to be offered spaces across the country.

Possibly, 30% of these candidates will still be offered admission before the last admission year ends, as announced by JAMB. In the meantime, candidates will still be offered admissions continually till that date.

Whereas, JAMB doesn't toy with its timetable as new JAMB UTME and DE forms will be on sale. With these new forms, admission seekers are generally invited to pursue the new admissions.

Whereas, last year's admission seekers are confused. They don't know if they will be considered by their chosen institutions before last year's admissions deadline and before this year's sales of forms end.

And if they're not offered admission eventually without obtaining the new forms, they're likely going to miss the admission for this year too.

The questions running through their minds now include:

  1. Can they obtain this year's JAMB form while waiting for the last year's admission? 
  2. Won't it affect each other if a new form is obtained while they hope the other schools will give them offers? 
  3. Is there any way to do it successfully without one affecting the other? 
  4. Or is it illegal to obtain a new form while you're still in the queue for one admission?

This post will be addressing your concerns if you're awaiting an admission offer for the last year's exercise but still want to consider obtaining the new JAMB form.

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You're Allowed to Obtain Another JAMB Form When Waiting For the Previous Admission

Generally, JAMB and schools allow admission seekers to obtain new JAMB forms if they're still waiting for the previous year's admission offers. This is because, as you might have thought, there is no way to guarantee the last admission. And if you miss that, you don't want to miss the new year too.

This may sound new to you. But it's nothing new. Ever since JAMB takes over the admission activities in Nigeria, there are years (especially the post-COVID-19 admission years/2019 and above), when candidates will be waiting for admission and the board will announce the sales of new forms.

In short, if you're waiting for last year's admission, go ahead and obtain this year's form as a backup. 

However, there are a few things you should know to be forearmed.

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You Can't Avoid Using the Profile Used Last Year

If you're considering changing your JAMB profile this year, because you want to avoid mixt-up or something, that may not be possible.

In the past, it was possible to change profiles each year by changing the phone numbers used to initiate the JAMB or DE registrations. However, starting from the 2021 admission year, because profiles are tied to NIN (which can't be changed), applicants are tied to the same profiles year in and year out.

JAMB allows you to use your last profile because you're tied to it by your NIN and profile code. They've found means to merge the two profiles if used. 

With that, your JAMB profile will give you the option to choose the right year whenever you want to use the profile. To follow up on the previous year's admission progress, you will take that year in the options. And to follow up on the new year's admission progress, you will take that year as well.

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You Can Still Consider the Same School in the New JAMB

It's possible you're thinking you should not consider the university, polytechnic, or college of education you're expecting the old admission from.

Yes, you can still choose the same schools in the new JAMB form. Nothing is wrong with that and it's generally allowed.

In fact, a student already in a school can still obtain another JAMB form to process another school or his or her present school.

In the same vein, you can consider the same course in that school without any need to worry.

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You Can Keep Pursuing the New Admission if Offered the Old One

Let's say you consider a new school and probably the same or different course in the new admission year. And eventually, you're offered the admission you've been waiting for. You have the right to stop pursuing the new admission and if you deem it fit keep pursuing it.

If the new course is offered, you can as well accept it whether the old admission was rejected or accepted.

The setback is that you may not end up running the two courses together.

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  1. What if after the correction it doesn't reflect yet, what will be the next motive

  2. I was given admission to study finance, but I want to write 2022 jamb to study accounting in another school, possible is this sir?

    1. It's possible. Read more through the links below.

  3. Sir pls from this post does it mean I can register with my old profile code from last year's jamb,even though I am awaiting admission,will it just automatically create two accounts in the same jamb caps but to check admission status I have to select the year e.g 2021 or 2022 , sir pls I hope doing this it won't affect my old jamb admission process

    1. Everything I shared on this page was a product of my experiences, as an education consultant, for more than a decade. You have the right to believe it or decline it.

    2. But his question didn't warrant this reply na,he asked it with respect,he never said he didn't agree to the info....many of us are facing thesame issues,pls I'm hoping to hear from you

  4. I registered D.E last year I also registered utme this year with the same profile code hope is not going to affect each other. Now I find it difficult to do change of course and institution please I need your advice as an education consultant

  5. Sir please I forgot my password and the phone number I used to open it was tried but could not be retrieved .jamb has given me admission but it's hard for me to access the one of unizik due to forgotten number and email what would I do please

  6. Sir
    Pls I can't log in to my jamb caps because I forgot the password I used and I don't have access to the email I used
    Is there any way I can still log in to accept my admission

    1. You can still get JAMB profile password through SMS using the method in the post below.

  7. Sir please I have not been offered admission since last year
    So I registered this year again using the same email I used Last Year will it affect my admission . I was told that am supposed to open another email for this year own is that true sir

    1. No, it won't affect your admission. You will use the same email.

  8. Sir I was offered admission from last year but I want to keep following up on this new jamb I wrote does it affect me in any way. Because I havent accepted or declined that old one but does it restrict me from receiving admission this year

  9. Is it possible to register for this year jamb while waiting to use last jamb to write post utme

  10. Good day sir . Sir pls i applied for nursing in University of nigeria nsukka but my name didn't appear in the first list , so i reapplied for another course (veterinary med.) because i wasn't able to meet the cut off mark for nursing. Though the nursing and vet. Medicine i applied for is still pending. So i want to know if registering for Jamb again will hinder me from getting admission in any of the two courses. Sir pls i need an urgent answer because am confused


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