Is it Possible to Run Two Degree/PGD Courses Together?

What of running two degree courses at different universities?
You can be hearing this for the first time though. It’s possible to run two degree programmes together in Nigeria. In the same vein, you can run two courses together as listed below:
  1. Two degree courses at different universities
  2. One degree course with a polytechnic programme
  3. A degree course with a masters course at different universities

I know you’re confused. Let’s break things down.

Is it Possible to Run Two Degree courses at a University at the same time?

The answer to this, in this country, is NO. You’re not allowed to run a course at a department and another in another department within the same university.

A student has recently asked me if this is possible. His case was different a bit. He was already at 200 level when he wrote another JAMB. Then, he was given another course at the same university. He wanted to know if he could run the two courses together. He believed he had the strength, finance, and the will to achieve that.

The answer is so simple. Nope!

Universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education have a uniform policy that won’t allow you to run that.

What of running two degree courses at different universities?

Yes, you can.

This is possible because it’s allowed.

For example, you can be an accounting student at the University of Ibadan and at the same time a Sociology student at Ekiti State University.

What of running a degree course with a Polytechnic Programme?

This is similar to the situation above.

I personally had a friend who got admitted to Obafemi Awolowo University at the same time offered a space at the Federal Polytechnic Ede. He ran the two courses simultaneously.

He was done with his degree a year after completing the HND programme.

In the same vein, it’s possible to be running an ND programme together with NCE course. One is held at a polytechnic and the other at a college of education. This is similar to the Federal Polytechnic Ede Dual Award programmes.

Can I run a Degree with a Masters (PDG) programme?

This is another unique case.

You’re probably done with one degree that qualifies you to go for a Master's course. Then, you still have another degree course at hand or ongoing.

Now you want to know if you can run the two together - the BSC plus PGD.

Well, just like the first case above. Universities won’t allow you to run a degree course together with a postgraduate programme under the same university at the same time.

However, you’re allowed to do this if you’re chasing a different university for your Master's and the degree course.

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