Is it Possible to Run Two Degree/PGD Courses Together? -


Is it Possible to Run Two Degree/PGD Courses Together?

What of running two degree courses at different universities?
You can be hearing this for the first time though. It’s possible to run two-degree programmes together in Nigeria. In the same vein, you can run two courses together as listed below:

  1. Two-degree courses at different universities
  2. One-degree course plus one polytechnic course
  3. A undergraduate degree course with a postgraduate course at different universities

I know you’re confused. Let’s break things down.

Is it Possible to Run Two Degree Courses at a University at the Same Time?

The answer to this, in this country, is NO. You’re not allowed to run a course at one department and another in another department within the same university.

A student has recently asked me if this is possible. His case was different a bit. He was already at the 200 level when he wrote another JAMB. Then, he was given another course at the same university. He wanted to know if he could run the two courses together. He believed he had the strength, and finance, and would like to achieve that.

The answer is so simple. Nope!

Universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education have a uniform policy that won’t allow you to run that.

Section 4.1.1 of the National Universities Commission (NUC)'s Minimum Standards for Higher Education in Nigeria states that "a student shall register for only one degree or diploma at a time in any university in Nigeria." This means that students are not allowed to enrol in more than one degree programme at the same time in a university in Nigeria.

The National Universities Commission (NUC), which is the regulatory body for universities in Nigeria, has stated that students are not allowed to simultaneously pursue two degree programmes, even if they are in different faculties or departments within the same university. 

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What About Running Two Degree Courses at Different Universities?

Yes, you can.

This is possible because it’s allowed.

For example, you can be an accounting student at the University of Ibadan and at the same time a Sociology student at Ekiti State University.

Though your admission is not likely to happen this year. Since JAMB will not offer a candidate two admission on the same CAPS in the same admission year, you can enter a programme in university A this year and enter to University B next year.

Similarly, it is possible for a student to transfer from one university to another to pursue a different degree programme. The transfer process would require proper documentation and approval from both universities, and the student would need to meet the admission requirements of the new university.

What About Running a University Course with a Polytechnic Course?

This is similar to the situation above.

I personally had a friend who got admitted to Obafemi Awolowo University at the same time offered a space at the Federal Polytechnic Ede. He ran the two courses simultaneously.

He was done with his degree a year after completing the HND programme.

In the same vein, it’s possible to be running an ND programme together with an NCE course. One is held at a polytechnic and the other at a college of education. 

Can I Run an Undergraduate Degree with a Master's (MSC/PDG) Programme?

This is another unique case.

You’re probably done with one degree that qualifies you to go for a Master's course. Then, you still have another degree course at hand or ongoing.

Now you want to know if you can run the two together - the BSC plus MSC/PGD or HND plus MSC/PGD.

Well, just like the first case above. Universities won’t allow you to run a degree course together with a postgraduate programme under the same university at the same time.

However, you’re allowed to do this if you’re going to run both the undergraduate degree/Higher National Diploma with a school and the postgraduate degree (MSC/PGD) with another.

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  1. how about Nysc,? when i complete my hnd n go for nysc, and after 2 or 3yrs i complete my bsc, will i be given ajob in acourse i went to during my bsc ?with an nysc result i have done b4 graduating the bsc?...plz reply through my email account πŸ™πŸ™

    1. Course doesn't determine the type of job you will get some times.

  2. I was in nce 2 when I got another admission to start a degree in the university, can I use the two certificate for a job?

  3. But I heard that Nigerian law is against running two courses simultaneously in government owned institutions on full time basis

  4. Can do my PGD in a school and use the PGD to Masters in another school?


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