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Does JAMB PIN, Code or OTP Ever Expire?

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For some reasons, you may want to know if your JAMB UTME/DE PIN may expire soon. A few candidates may also be worried about the expiring date for UTME/DE confirmation code and e-PIN sent to them or bought. 

In the same vein after being sent OTP for the change of institutions, courses and similar after-JAMB activities, candidates may be worried about the expiration of such Password.

This post will help with related concerns if you wish to hold on to your JAMB profile code after receiving it and before using that to buy UTME/DE PIN. And if it's the PIN you're holding on to, won't it expire before going to the CBT centre for your registration. And if you just got JAMB OTP, will it expire any time sooner.

JAMB Profile Code Never Expires Unless...

JAMB profile code was the 10-digit number sent to you after you sent your NIN to 55019/66019.

The number will be used to buy or procure your JAMB UTME/DE PIN, which in turn, will be used to register for JAMB at any of the accredited CBT centres nationwide.

If you get this code today, you don't have to worry about it expiring - because in reality it never expires. In other words, there is no specific date it will expire or it may not be used to buy the UTME/DE PIN. 

There is no need to buy your UTME/FE PIN the same day you get the profile code.

However, if you fail to buy your PIN before the announced closing for candidates to buy their JAMB form and register, the profile code becomes obsolete and it's of no use again until next year when you will still need the same NIN/profile code to buy the JAMB PIN.

JAMB UTME/DE PIN Won't Expire Unless...

If you think if you don't register your UTME/DE the same day you buy it or within a few days, it will be expiring or may not work for the registration again, you're wrong.

Once you buy the PIN at any of the outlets or online (e.g Remita, Quickteller etc), JAMB will make your PIN remains valid until the end of the registration exercise.

In other words, if you fail to use the JAMB PIN till after the last day of the registration, the PIN is rendered useless. In fact, you can't use the same PIN next year.

JAMB OTP Doesn't Expire Unless...

After the online payment for change of institutions/courses and similar JAMB payments, candidates will receive a Time Password popularly called OTP.

It's this OTP that you will take to the nearest CBT centre or JAMB office to effect the changes.

If for any reason there is a delay between the time of receiving the OTP and the time to use the OTP, your password will still be active. 

Yes, it'll not expire as long as the activities you paid for have not expired. If you got the OTP for change of institution, it would remain useful and valid till the change of institution for the year is closed - which probably never closed.

In fact, if the change of institution to the school you target closed, you can still use it for another school without paying a new fee. 

However, OTP generated this year won't be valid for next year activities.

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