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How To Do Regularization to Reduce Age for NYSC

JAMB regularization has been one of the resorts when trying to reduce your date of birth so you can serve at NYSC. And for years now, it's been effective for people who got things right.

However, some candidates had made mistakes when putting in for the regularization. Hence, the problem they aimed to solve remained the same or got complicated after the application and approval. This is why a few had been forced to apply for the same regularization more than once.

The missing link is that unless you know a few things, you may not know if the regularization will work for you. The fact that it works for somebody doesn't mean it will work for you, especially if you mistake a step along the way.

With just a misstep, things may turn around such that you end up missing the plane to the next NYSC camp.

Let me take you into the basics of JAMB regularization. After that, I will link things up with the NYSC. And in the end, you will see if you can use this option or if you just have to let go.

The Old Procedures to Apply for the JAMB Regularization

  1. Before 2021, to do JAMB regularization, you would create a JAMB profile following this method
  2. After that, you would go to the nearest JAMB office or CBT center to complete your regularization. In fact, the profile could be created, back then, at the CBT center if you could not do that yourself
  3. While creating the JAMB profile, you could choose any date of birth you wanted, you could choose any state or LGA of origin, etc.
  4. Getting to the JAMB office or CBT center, you would tell them you want a fresh regularization. This option won't require using any existing or an old JAMB registration number to begin or to be used during the regularization.
  5. They will complete the registration and give you what's called an indemnity form. You will take the identity form to your former school for singing, stamping, and forwarding, to the JAMB office for final approval.
  6. If approved, a message will be sent to your email by JAMB, informing you of the approval and continuing your fresh JAMB registration number that you will be using for future appreciation including NYSC mobilization.

The Latest Method Being Used For JAMB Regularization Application

  1. Starting from 2021, you don't create a JAMB profile by yourself, online. You can't even create that at the JAMB office or CBT center. Instead, you create your JAMB profile by sending your NIN to 55019 in an SMS. For example, you will send NIN 56718992211 to 55019.
  2. Sending this SMS will charge you N50 and will reply with a message confirming that you have created your JAMB profile through a profile code included in the reply received.
  3. With this new method, your profile was created using the information on your NIN. The date of birth, name, state, and LGA of origin will be exported from your National ID card to the JAMB portal immediately after you send the SMS and it's successfully replied.
  4. After this, you can walk into any JAMB office (CBT centers are not allowed to do regularization for now) to complete your regularization with the profile code send to you through the SMS reply. The attendant or JAMB official will enter the profile code to access the information exported from your NIN and continue with your registration.
  5. After completing the registration, you take the indemnity form to your school for signing, stamping, and forwarding to the JAMB office for final approval.
  6. If approved, you will get a response from JAMB and you can continue using the JAMB registration number, sent to you, for the NYSC or any other official purposes.

The Basic Difference Between the Old Regularization and New Regularization Method

In the old method, you could manipulate your date of birth to suit what you would need for NYSC. Especially if you claimed that you'd not written JAMB before or that your admission was not through JAMB, they would do fresh regularisation which won't tie to the date of birth on any old registration number.

With that old method, your NYSC could be influenced if you reduced the age during the regularization application.

With the new method, except if you firstly correct and reduce the date of birth on your NIN and give it time to update on the NIMC's database before you send the NIN to 55019, the unwanted date of birth on the NIN will be exported into your JAMB portal before the regularization.

For example, in the new method, if your NIN has age 32, it will export 32 into your JAMB portal. And that can't help you go to NYSC.

The only way to go to NYSC with the new method of regularization is to first visit the nearest NIMC office and reduce the date of birth. Or if you've not registered the national ID card, register with the desired date of birth. If you apply for the change of date of birth at NIMC, give it time and be sure that it has been updated in their database before you send NIN to 55019.

You can go back to the NIMC office to confirm if it has been updated in the commission's database before you start processing the regularization. If you send the NIN to 55019 before the change reflects on the NIMC's database, the old date of birth will still be exported.

It's after it has been updated; having done the right thing that if you send NIN to 55019, the intended date of birth will be exported for the regularization.

Otherwise, you can't change the date of birth at the point of registering the regularization. Even if by any means, you enter an intended date of birth, at that point, the one on your NIN will still be used by JAMB to approve your regularization.

Another Important Area of Attention for the New Regularization Method

In the new method being used for the JAMB regularization, just like the old method, if you want to reduce your date of birth for NYSC reasons, it's important you don't use any old JAMB registration number you have.

For example, if you get to the JAMB office and they ask if you'd done JAMB before or if you have any JAMB registration number in their previous exam, just tell them NO. Let them know you didn't do JAMB before - that the admission, given to you, was not through JAMB. You can claim it's a direct admission from the school.

If by mistake you tell them you had done JAMB before and they collect the JAMB registration number from you and enter it to continue with your regularization, the system will export the unwanted date of birth from your old JAMB registration number. And I'm sure, it's not the date of birth you want to claim for the NYSC purpose.

In fact, if you reduce the date of birth on NIN but you submitted an old registration number for them, the date of birth on that old JAMB registration number will be exported and overwrite the one on the NIN.

Therefore, after reducing the date of birth on NIN and you're sure it has been updated on the commission's database before sending the NIN to 55019 to get your profile code, you should not also give them any JAMB number before or during the regularization registration.

Although there is a price difference, for regularization, between when you submit an existing JAMB registration number (which is around N5,000), and when you claim you don't have an existing JAMB registration number (which is around N8,500), do not make the mistake of going for the former. Don't be deceived by the price difference!


Although it's clearly getting difficult to manipulate JAMB and NYSC when it comes to reducing your date of birth in order to hear the Clarion's call, if you do things rightly, you have every right to manipulate things and serve your father's land.

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  1. Please sir, I will be 30 on January 5 which is 1993, will they do fresh jamb number for me, because am told that my details are already uploaded in their computer by the school. Can I go for NYSC 2023 or how do I go about it. Please sir your comment.

    1. If your information are already submitted to NYSC, there may not be going back. I'm sorry. Except your school can agree to withdraw the information already submitted. Then, allow you to do a new regularization before they can mobilize you again.

    2. Pls sir my question is that, I'm over age of 31yrs nw and i want to apply D/E by 2023. How can I reduce my age

    3. If you can do regularization without using your existing JAMB registration (i.e. a fresh regularization), you can reduce your age there. Read the post above for better explanation.

    4. Am facing the same issue sir. But my regularization has been approved already

  2. Can a student that enter university through 100level do reg

  3. Goode morning sir, my question is if someone do fresh regularization and reduce age during the registration, hope the age on NIN we not cast the registration.

  4. Good afternoon sir. I used my old jamb for my regularization but the lady there, reduced the age for me, will it still affect me in the camp.
    Secondly, the age I reduced did not match with the one on my NIN will it still affect me or should I go n reduced my age on my NIN?

  5. I graduated at the age of 30 am I eligible to serve

  6. Pls sir, I am in need of age reduction cos my date of birth on jamb is 1992 while my graduation year is 2023

  7. Good evening 30 and mobilization for NYSC starts on planning on doing age reduction before the mobilization question is if I did do the age reduction would I be eligible for NYSC

  8. Am 30 by October graduating December though my graduation year was delayed because of strikes and covid 19 my admission was through jamb can I still do regularization after reduction of my age on NIN and WAEC because I really want to serve

  9. Pls sir,if I should reduce my age while doing the regularization,hope my waec result won't be used against me, I mean hope my school won't say the age on my waec is different from the age on my jamb regularization?

  10. Gud day sir I was given admission and and the age in my jamb is 1993 but my nin is 1995 can I reduce the age in my jamb hw possible is it?


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