Can I Do JAMB Regularization at a Cyber Café? -

Can I Do JAMB Regularization at a Cyber Café?

JAMB regularization becomes necessary for you when you're a part-time student or not offered admission through JAMB. You will face the same decision if you're offered undisclosed or illegal admission of any sort or if there is any disagreement with your admission. ReadHow Do I Know if I Need JAMB Regularization?

You've heard this could be done at the JAMB office or CBT center. Yet, you wanted to consider the possibility of registering at a cyber or internet café around you. Can you register regularization at a café?

In this post, I will be answering this question and addressing related concerns.

Cyber Cafes Are Permanently Exempted From Regularization Registration

Just like internet cafes are no longer allowed to register candidates for UTME or DE, they're exempted from registering regularization candidates. This means they were once allowed to do that (in case you're reading or hearing conflicting pieces of information elsewhere). 

For a while, they were not to register candidates for regularization. The reason for this is best known to JAMB. As a result, candidates willing to register for JAMB regularization are to avoid any café promising to help them with regularization.

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You Can Only Use Accredited CBT Centers and JAMB Offices

As you might have thought, the only allowed officers and centers for regularization are the JAMB offices and CBT centers nationwide.

In fact, if you seek my candid opinion, I will advise you to use the service of the JAMB office. Based on my experience, it is recommended that regularization be handled by the JAMB official.

Regularization involves different cases. Some might be illegal admission, some undisclosed admission, some discrepancies in admission offered, etc. As such, a JAMB official will ask the right questions and understand you before choosing the right option for you. An inexperienced CBT center attendant may choose the wrong option for your regularization (speaking from experience sir!)

Similarly, CBT centers are disallowed, sometimes, depending on what JAMB is planning for the ongoing admission year. But, there won't be such restrictions at the board's offices.

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Cafes are allowed for a few things such as following up on the approval status, admission letters (after your regularization approval), etc. but not for the regularization application.

If you want to apply now, consider using the nearest JAMB office, or CBT center, if you prefer. These are the two centers handling JAMB regularization officially.

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