Can I Do Change of Institutions/Courses Twice? -

Can I Do Change of Institutions/Courses Twice?

You can Change If You Failed a Post UTME
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I had always thought that all admission seekers were aware it was possible to do JAMB change of institutions and courses twice. That’s why I skipped this article in my change of institutions and course series.

In fact, I had earlier written a piece to guide you on how to change institutions and courses the third time. Hence, if it is possible to change things three times, there may not be the need to still ask if the two times change is possible.

Unfortunately, the same question keeps cropping up, “can I change institution and/or course two times?”

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With the introduction to this post, you should know, by now, that the answer is YES. JAMB allows two-time changes to be made to a candidate’s institutions and/or courses.

However, there is more to know regards this. Let’s read to the end to get how things may work or otherwise.

You Can Change If You Failed a Post UTME

Candidates who had attempted a school post-UTME but failed or could not qualify for admission can immediately change to another school whose form is ongoing or has not started selling her form. I covered a few of them in my post, “Universities, Polytechnics, and Colleges Whose Post UTMEs are Still on Sales (UPDATED)”.

For example, candidates who had just completed the University of Ilorin post-UTME and scored less than 50% do not have any hope for admission in the first place. In fact, those above 50% but not up to the usual cut-off marks for the courses being proposed do not stand a chance as well.

In this case, this set of candidates can still change to other universities whose forms are still in progress. I covered this in the post, “Can I Change Institutions and Courses With Post UTME Form Already On Sales?”.

WARNING: If an institution’s form is already on sale and you want to change to her, you may be alerted that the institution has stopped accepting the change of institution. This is not general though. Yet, you can still try any other available school if one doesn’t work. All in all, it works for most schools especially those state-owned schools and a few uncompetitive federal schools.

You Can Change Twice - Be It Courses and/or Institutions

Some candidates don’t understand the two times in this context.

Let me explain.

By twice, it means:

  1. Two changes of the institution(s) on a separate submission
  2. Two changes of course(s) on a separate submission
  3. One change of institution separately and one change of course separately.

In short, JAMB counts one submission at a time. If you change institutions only the first time and submit, that is one change. If you later change to another institution, that’s the second time.

If you change the course the first time and submit, that’s one time. If you later change only the institution, that’s the second time.

Hope you get this a bit.

In fact, changing all courses and institutions in just one submission is still counted as one time.

I explained more comprehensively in this post, “Change of Institutions/Courses Payment: Is the Money for All or Separate Charge Needed?”.

In the final words, if you’ve experienced two submissions in the past - be it for institutions, courses, or both, you can still change again and again i.e. third. What matters is being ready to make another payment on each occasion.

I discussed conditions that may warrant you being able to change institutions the third time here. It details unusual cases, yet, possible.

You Can Change the Course Twice Even If You Can’t Change the Institution

I had said some institutions may not allow you to change to them as soon as their forms are on sale. I also cautioned that this didn’t apply to institutions. But there’s something you should know.

Even though certain schools are not accepting the change of institution again, they still accept a change of course. This will only be opened to those who had earlier chosen them (not those who just wish to change to them now).

For example, if JAMB alerts you that OAU is not accepting the change of institution, this doesn’t affect those who already chose OAU but just want to change their courses before proceeding to register post-UTME.

In fact, if an institution offers you a different course from what you applied for, you can still go on the JAMB portal months later to change to the new course. You can get this better in my post “What to Do if School Offers You a Different Course on JAMB CAPS”.


Even though it’s possible to change institutions and/or courses two times, there’re a few conditions where that may not be possible or some facts to know upfront.

This post addresses each situation and what should be committed to minds before making any move.

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  1. How can I contact you directly

    1. Use the contact form please. Check right below the page.

  2. I can get the matter with the middle school

  3. Pls how will I know if the change of institution worked out fine

    1. You will log in to your JAMB profile and check if it has reflected.

  4. What if I choose delsu then I later change to pti can I still rechange to pti

    1. There is no wat to answer YES or NO. If PTI will not allow you to change to them again, their JAMB page will tell you when you get to the CBT centre that "you can no longer change to this institution. If this doesn't show up, it means you can change to them back.

    2. So after changing to pti can I still change to auchi poly

    3. You have three chances for the change of institutions and/or courses.

  5. Please i just did my first change of institution on friday is it possible for me to do it again?

  6. I did my first change of institution....but I want to put back the later that I changed is this possible

    1. For some schools, once they close their post UTME, you can't change back. For some, you can still change back even after the closure of their forms.

  7. Please I am 2021 candidate, is it still possible to change my institution and course

    1. Yes, if the university is still accepting changes till date

  8. sir I did change of institution twice for 2022 jamb, will that affect my admission

  9. How do I do a change of course in direct entry

    1. You will follow the guide detailed in the link below.

      Simply put, you can change your institutions/courses at any accredited CBT centre or JAMB office

  10. I did change of institution first and went back few weeks later for change of course and have been offered a new course on my jamb portal so I have to change to the new course in order to print my admission letter will I Be able to do that cus have changed twice already

  11. Sir, I just did change of institution and course now before I heard that conversion of UTME to DE have started, please can I still do change of institution and course again?

  12. Sir please,can I do change of course twice?

  13. Can i still change twice to poly after jamb and the universities has offered me admission

  14. Can a person change back to the institution he or she initially changed from? If yes how please


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