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Can I Change Institutions/Courses While Post UTME is on Sales?

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You can be reading this post just the time when schools are releasing their post UTME/screenings. If yes, you should have knowledge of things going on in the post UTME arena by now.

Among the recent developments are:
  1. Some schools released cut-off marks lower than expected and candidates who scored lower marks want to consider them e.g UNIOSUN, LAUTECH, OKE OGUN POLY, EDE Poly, Ibarapa Poly and more. Check my Post UTME Category for more than 100 screening updates already covered. 
  2. Some schools released higher cut off marks instead and candidates want to consider other schools that favour them. 
  3. Candidates want to consider changing their polytechnics or colleges of education to the first choice because of their lower marks and broaden their chances to be admitted.
  4. Some schools are inviting those applicants who didn’t choose them from the beginning to consider them and effect changes of institutions.
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But here is the question, “Is it not too late to do the change of institution or course by now that your proposed institution form is already out on sales?

You need to ask this question really. This is because the change of institution exercise has begun for some months back. And now that schools are already selling their post UTME forms, won’t it be too late changing to them?

These are the usual questions in admission seekers' minds regards this:
  1. If I do the change of institution now, won’t it limit my admission chance? This candidate believes that the new school will know he didn’t choose them from the beginning.
  2. Will my information be sent to the new schools before they start or end their post UTME/screening exercise?
  3. Will the new schools treat me equally like those who had chosen them from UTME registration time?
  4. How many times can I change my institution in case I don't meet up? 
  5. If I am not given admission by one school, can I change to another? 

Ok. I understand your fear and this post will clear the air for you.

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JAMB Change of Institution Before 2017 and Beyond

Before 2017, this is the picture of how the change of institutions and courses were treated by JAMB and schools.
  1. Some weeks after UTME results were released, the body announced that all candidates should do possible corrections within 3 weeks or thereabout.
  2. Candidates rushed to correct things. This time they didn’t have time to know what the cut off mark for a school would be for that admission year. Instead, they made their decisions based on the previous year cut off marks.
  3. After the closure of the exercise, the body would forward the updated list of students that chose schools to various institutions. With this, no schools would know if any candidate had changed to them or not. They only received the "updated changes" among the final list.
  4. Then schools will conduct post UTME/screening for their candidates. 

Beyond 2017, the system changed as soon as the current Registrar took over. Here is the new picture:
  1. After UTME result is released, JAMB announces the change of institutions and courses exercise which opens from the day of announcement till the admission year ends and even beyond. In other words, the change of institution doesn’t end/close again. Quote me anywhere for this!
  2. Candidates will change their institutions and courses continually till they’re given admissions and even after - if need be.
  3. In most cases, candidates need to wait for his or her proposed schools to declare the cut off marks before proceeding to effect any changes. If you wait for more schools to announce their cut off marks, you can change to the one with a higher chance of offering you admissions.
  4. If a candidate is eventually denied admission by a school (even after post UTME), he or she can change to another school (which has not conducted the post UTME).
  5. Generally, candidates now have a continual opportunity to change their institutions and courses. 
  6. Meanwhile, if a school will not accept new students through the change of institutions, JAMB will update that on her portal that such school cannot be changed to – hence you consider another.

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JAMB Increased the Duration of Post UTME to Accommodate this Continual Change of Institutions.

As earlier said, JAMB change of institutions and courses exercise doesn't close again across the admission year. Another reason for this is to allow candidates to still be able to change their schools or courses of other schools give them admission or other courses are eventually given to them by their proposed schools.

This is why the exercise remains opened for almost indefinitely.

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Similar to that, some schools won't have as many candidates. As a result, they want to be available for the interested candidates when they fail the post UTME of other competitive schools.

Also, JAMB usually forwards the list of candidates who could not eventually gain admission to their intended schools to institutions with openings. These schools, with vacancies, will later contact them through SMS or emails to ask them for consideration. If interested, candidates will be able to effect changes.

I have covered more on universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education that will accept changes and those that won't. There, you will see those that will stop changes when they start selling forms, those that will still be accepting changes when the post UTME registration is ongoing, and those that will remain open to changes till admission year ends.

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  1. Can I edit my post utme details

    1. Yes you can edit a few things. Read more through the link below.

  2. Is it possible to change my institution after I have written post utme in another school...and if yes which school would you suggest

    1. Yes you can. You can change to any school that has not started selling or that s just selling its form.

  3. Can I change my institution(poly) from third choice to 2nd or 1st choice after I've applied and the dead line of applying, but I've applied before the dead line. Can I still change it

    1. Your question is not very clear. I will be glad to help.

  4. Pls BSU have started selling forms but I changed it, pls will my name reflect on their portal. I need help pls I want it to reflect.

    1. It will reflect in time. Kindly keep checking. It should reflect before the closing date. No need to panic.

  5. I did a change today, the sales of forms end on the 14th, it hasn't reflected. do I need to worry.

  6. I did my change of course after I have already registered for unilag Post utme, will the school see the new course I choose

  7. I want to do a change from unical to unizik and their deadline is on the 20th will it reflect

  8. I want to do a change from uniben to fupre but fupres screening exam has already been done is there any need to change my institution to fupre?

    1. Once the post UTME form of a school has closed, changing to such schools is a waste.

  9. I did a change of institution and am not sure it worked and went for the school screening last week, it was successful is that a proof that the change worked?

    1. The first proof should be the printout given to you after the change was made. The second is your ability to register for the post UTME or screening of the school. And if you truly had the two, then the participation in the post UTME or screening is the third proof.

  10. Can I do change of institution (poly) from choice third choice to second.

    1. You can change anything among your schools and courses of choice.


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