Some Courses Admission Seekers Should Avoid–Bitter Truth

The norm here is my brother studied Mechanical Engineering, then I must go for the same. In fact, some students wish to be in the same universities, polytechnics, or colleges their families attended. I want to go to OAU. Mine is UI! Our family goes UNIBEN!

This could just be due to some fantasies or shared experiences by their brothers and sisters. But in reality, your life doesn’t have to depend on fantasies or a mere Bro. John’s experiences.

I decided to write this piece when a graduate member of a group I belong to shared something amusing but a REALITY.

See the blunt message!

A warning by a graduate who has known the truth
I had always warned against picking just any course in university, polytechnic, or college of education. This is because I’d been there too and I knew what really worked and what did not.

Some courses had worked in the past in this country but they’re now walking dead. Schools are not doing justice for not scraping those courses yet. Perhaps, our education is turning to, more for the money than the original academic motive.

It's disheartening to still find several of these courses among the most competitive ones in our schools.

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Poor-Man Child's Choice of Course Vs Rich-Man Child's

I usually say this, “You won’t succeed in life until you learn to understand your weakness and strength”. You’re free once you stop underestimating your weakness and overestimating your strength.

This is where most people fail.

The rich

Why would a poor man’s child chase the same field as the rich’s child? We’re not born equal bro!

Ok, see this.

If you study Political Science in Nigeria, where can you use your certificate?

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Balance Career shared "Top 10 Jobs for Political Science Majors". Below is the list
  1. Policy Analyst
  2. Legislative Assistant
  3. Public Relations Specialist
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. Marketing Research Analyst
  6. Political Consultant
  7. Attorney
  8. Intelligence Analyst
  9. Political Campaign Staff
  10. College Student Leadership and Activities Officer

Fine I hear you thinking, “Wow, this list is great”

Great for you as a boy or girl from a poor background or a rich-man child?

That says it all.

In a country like ours, only the rich people’s wards end up in places where they can practice this. You may not mind though if you’re planning to be, a “College Student Leadership and Activities Officer”

In fact, Political Campaign Staff are usually tugs and drop-outs in this country.

Your case is not different if you study courses like Public Administration, International Relations, and Diplomatic Studies. They all sound good but where will you be after your graduation dude? Do you have parents or relatives reserving a seat for you?

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The Banking and Finance Warning

Back to my friend's message to candidates pursuing Banking and Finance. Let’s be frank with ourselves. How many banks were established in your own town since you're a grown-up?

Do you see the end from the beginning?

So in the end, it all goes back to the Rich man's children. People who are well connected!

If a rich man's child studies Education Management, Religious Studies, Physical and Health Education, and the likes, he can end up working in a bank while you – trained for the job is teaching in a nursery and primary school.

Stop chasing other people’s courses.

Our guy recommended Industrial Relations and Personnel Management and Entrepreneurship and I loved it.

Let me add Marketing.

If you study Business Management and Accounting in Nigeria without additional professional qualifications such as ICAN or a second degree (MSC), you will end up like your Banking and Finance counterparts.

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All these courses require ICAN if you will appreciate going for them eventually. However, financial the going may get tough for your parents if you have it mind to pursue ICAN as soon as you're done in school.

It’s equally easy to fool yourself that you can start working after your degree. Then you can raise money to go for ICAN later. Here is the thing – It’s easier said than done. To even get jobs with those courses without ICAN is a nightmare.

Insurance is another one-eyed course people are spending four good years for. At the very end, where is your position? Look across the street; show me an insurance company that may engage you sooner.

In a country where an average man can’t afford three square meals, how does he pay the insurance premium? So, God ends up favoring a spider who has the web but not the poor fly.

If you study IR and PM, as our friend recommended, you end up becoming a human resources manager or manageress of a company. These are the people that recruit staff for their companies. And if you can’t make it to a company, you can start your own agency or consulting business that recruits for companies, the government, and so on.

In short, the best advice for you is to go for a course that is not company-dependent. Do something that can prepare you to start your own firm or business to leave your dream life.

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Poor Man Child's Chasing the Best at the Expenses of Others

I heard the story of a king here. On graduation occasions, he would be invited. While giving out certificates to graduates of Nursing, Medicine, and Pharmacy, the old man would whisper to them, “You’re a sure Millionaire”. That's the truth in Nigeria.

If you’re from a poor background and your parents are ready to be drained to the maximum, or you don’t care about the siblings behind you, or there is a better sponsor somewhere – I recommend going for the Sure-Millionaire courses mentioned.

It's more certain if you go for Nursing, Medicine, and Pharmacy. Before then, hope you know the cost? Match that with your background, please.

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A Graduate is a Graduate

Most times, when a Nigerian student wants to console himself or herself, you hear "a graduate is a graduate". How true is that?

That's a public lie. Graduates are not made equal.

A graduate can be a graduate really if our Government is providing jobs. In this case, hardly will the government discriminate between one course and the other or BSC and HND. But that is not the order of the days. We all know they still don't give HND the same recognition they give Degree.

A graduate can be a graduate indeed if you can come out with 1st class from a university or Distinction from a polytechnic. That can give you an edge in our most competitive labor market, of course. But can you? Fine, that's it!

Only private companies are continually recruiting in Nigeria. Yet this sector only gives priority to the best certificate/grade and additional professional qualifications. Got one?

For government jobs, you have to be in the queue for a few years while chasing your local political leaders around. These people may keep lying to you until it's even late to start something else.


This piece is just an introductory task on this dilemma. I will continually be releasing similar ones to cover larger areas in time sooner. Subscribe to my post for future updates.

Many have been victims. I argue we should stop this madness. We're in charge of our lives. Let the masses know this, let the admission seekers be warned. If our next 50 years or more depend on our choices now, we should make the right ones.

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