Do Colleges of Nursing Give BSC (Degree)? -

Do Colleges of Nursing Give BSC (Degree)?

Everyone wants to have BSC. And traditionally, you can only have that if you go to a university for your degree.

However, after some attempts, very many candidates will give in to polytechnics and colleges of education. This eventually will lead to acquiring National Diploma (ND)/Higher National Diploma (HND) or Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE) respectively.

Similarly, after making an attempt to study Nursing Science at some universities without success, some candidates may want to give into colleges of Nursing which will lead to the award of ND/HND in Nursing.

Some candidates, probably having known that BSC may be more recognized than HND in Nursing, are now asking if the colleges of nursing are awarding BSC too.

So, if they can make it into colleges of nursing, will they be awarded BSC on graduation?

In this post, I will be explaining a few things which will give you candid confirmation of what you will get or the possibility of getting a BSC if you go to the colleges of nursing.

The First Phase of the College of Nursing Education Awards National Diploma (ND)

Colleges of Nursing run like a typical polytechnic (of course, they're mono-technics).  Hence, they have two phases (stages) for their education - the National Diploma (ND) and the Higher National Diploma (HND).

The Second Phase of the College of Nursing Education Awards Higher National Diploma (HND). 

Let's talk about the first phase.

This is a two-year program that grooms you towards becoming a qualified nurse. Although when done, you're not allowed to work with the award. And you're required to proceed to the next phase (stage), which is the HND, without any interruption between the two.

ND in nursing is similar to other diplomas and is never equivalent to BSC in Nursing.

When you're done with the second stage, HND in nursing will be awarded. Though equivalent to BSC in Nursing, it's not a bachelor's degree in Nursing as the latter is only awarded by universities offering Nursing Science.

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No College of Nursing is Awarding BSC in Nursing

Unfortunately, no college of Nursing is statutorily allowed or required to award BSC in Nursing. As earlier noted, BSN is generally awarded by the universities that are offering Nursing.

Just like any other mono-technics, colleges of Nursing are limited to the award of ND/HND in Nursing.

If what you're interested in is the BSC in Nursing, then, a degree in Nursing (strictly in universities) is your right chase.

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You Can Top-Up Your HND To Get BSC Too

You can take advantage of a very rear program called the top-up degree or conversion program if you should have HND in Nursing from a college.

With this program, usually common abroad, you can study further with your HND for a period of one or two years. In the end, you're awarded the BSC instead of starting the degree from the start.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, no university is running a top-up degree for Nursing as a course. Most universities running top-up degrees have many courses other than Nursing, Medicine, and related courses.  

However, with a distance learning program, you should be able to upgrade your HND in Nursing to BSC nursing. You can take advantage of universities running distance learning in Nursing which include Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Ladoke Akintola Ogbomoso, University of Ibadan, etc.


HND in Nursing (which you'll have at a college of Nursing) is an alternative to BSC in Nursing. A student who is keen on the latter will have to study at a university.

As at the time of this writing, no college of Nursing is offering Bachelor's degree in Nursing (BSCn). And if you're expectant, you may have to wait forever.

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