Steps to Gain Admission to Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (PART III) - - During and After School Guides

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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Steps to Gain Admission to Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges (PART III)

I’ve earlier covered two approaches to securing admission this year. You can check the last two sections titled “Get Set for the Challenge” and “Stay connected”. Take a moment to read them if you’ve not.

I’d said this was going to be a long series and I wish you complete it to get the entire messages.

Now, let’s proceed to...

Stay Focused - 3rd Tested and Trusted Approach to Gain Admission

There’s no need telling you what focus is, again. We all know that.

But you may need some exposures to why it’s important to your admission.

Let’s see some areas of focus.

1. Focus on UTME

I will need to take you back to JAMB registration here. I’d told you how important it’s for you to study to JAMB brochure to avoid errors.

If a student didn’t study the brochure accurately and made mistakes, he had definitely lost focus from the very start.

Most candidates mixed things up while selection courses. Wrong subject combination for a course will take you nowhere even if you score 350 in UTME.

If you find yourself in this mess, consider reading my post, “What to do About Wrong Subject Combination in UTME”. I covered 4 possible solutions to the wrong subject combination there.

I also prepared you a guide to check if you're eligible for the institution you chose and the course you proposed. The guide is here.

More so, you must work your ass off to get the right score for your proposed course. This is very important.

I gave you 5 practical approaches to study for UTME and get a higher mark, in my post, “How to Prepare for and Pass JAMB within Weeks - Sure Approach

2. Focus on UTME Result

After your UTME result is out, you need to check and see if you’re right on the track with other candidates competing with the same schools and course.

See to this as soon as possible.

Most candidates won’t take their scores serious until things are almost impossible to work around.

If you score less mark than what your school usually ask for (especially in their past before-post-UTME cut-off mark), I advise you to keep calm and remain focused.

Don’t be confused with lots of fabricated information that friends, teachers, families, bloggers will be sharing in the early time of the release of UTME result.

Wait until your school declares their cut-off marks before deciding whether you should do a change of course or institutions.

Lots of students suffered for early change of schools and courses in recent years.

Let’s look at the following situations.
  1. Some schools that were used to accept 180 and above may end up declaring 160 or less. For example, Osun State University and Ladoke Akintola University announced 160 in 2018 post UTME instead of the 180 and above in recent years.
  2. In another case, some students had done the changes of institutions/courses before they received messages from JAMB that those courses they changed to had been dis-accredited in those schools. This happened to some schools including the great OAU Ife, Federal Poly Ede among others in the 2018 admission year.
  3. Some candidates had rushed to change their institutions twice before another school offered them admissions. Whereas, they could only change twice at the maximum except in certain rear conditions.

Imagine you don’t stay calm and focused, you can equally find yourself in those messes.

3. Focus on the Post UTME 

Post UTME or admission screening calls for focus as well. Here, the focus is more required truly.

See, be sure you know which method of admission your school is using. Are they conducting entrance test (Post UTME) for their applicants or they use admission screening instead? So what is the difference?

Entrance Test

If a school uses post UTME, it means, after scoring the required mark to be qualified for the school in the UTME, you still have to write entrance exams which is, nowadays, computer-based test like the UTME.

Be sure you know the subjects your school will test you on. Some schools test students based on their subjects written in the UTME e.g University of Ibadan, Obafemi Awolowo University etc.

Some test candidates on those subjects together with general papers e.g University of Ilorin, Nigerian Defence Academy, Nigerian Police Academy etc.

Screening/Physical Screening 

Screening only - involves the school offering admissions to applicants based on their performance in the UTME and SSCE results. Such schools assign a specific point to each grade in the required O’level subjects for the proposed course.

This seems simpler, however, it’s more difficult and uncommon.

Here, unless you have convincing results i.e As and Bs in your SSCE, you may be left disappointed.

I advise you don’t join the crowd of students who blindly compete for spaces in those schools even with skeletal results.

Schools that adopt this include Osun State University, Ekiti State University, Federal University Oye Ekiti, The Polytechnic Offa, The Polytechnic Ibadan (which takes scores in UTME more serious than SSCE) and few other schools

What to do if you’ve unknowingly chosen the wrong schools for your performance?
  1. If you’d got higher grades in SSCE together with a convincing performance in UTME, you can consider a change of institution to schools with the screening-only method.
  2. If you’re not sure your grade can help with screening only-schools and you believe you can perform better with post-UTME-schools, consider the change of institution to any of such institutions.

Preparation for the Post UTME and Screening 

Speaking of the tests to be conducted by your schools, try to get past questions pack for the school and study it well.

You can get soft copies of such packs online if searched right.

Hard copies are being sold on the campus of your school.

Currently, I have the past questions packs for the following schools:

In case your own school only conducts admission screening, consider having all your documents ready for scanning and online uploading and/or physical checking during the admission exercise.

Most schools ask for papers including the original JAMB result, local government identification, passport photos, the original or online print of your SSCE result etc.

Wait for Admission Lists

Generally, candidates wait for admission lists to be out but only a few wait long enough.

Here is the point.

Most candidates only see the first batch admission list and get worried if their names are not on it.

You have to wait a bit longer.

Bear in mind that schools usually release about 2 or more lists before the admission year eventually ends. You should wait for the 2nd batch, 3rd batch  – even the supplementary lists.

You can be lucky eventually.

Take-Away Points

  1. Don’t get worried for your name wasn’t on the first list, it can be on the next one.
  2. Don’t rush to do the change of institutions to another school because you’re not on the 1st batch. You may need to wait for the 2nd one before you take actions.
  3. If you have changed of institutions and the first school gives you admission later, you’ve caused another problem.
  4. If you rush and make two changes before your real chance opens, you won’t be able to change the third time.

This is the end of section 3 -Stay Focused

Now, let’s proceed to section 4 - Take Open Chances

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