After Buying UTME/DE PIN, What Next? (2024/2025) -

After Buying UTME/DE PIN, What Next? (2024/2025)

I have to write this post a bit late for some students. I ought to have written this when they were buying JAMB PIN. Or they ought to have read it back then.

Well, a few students chatted with me that they were unable to print the JAMB exam slip and wanted me to help. After a series of attempts, I realized these sets of students didn't even register for JAMB in the first place.

Yes, you heard me! They only bought the JAMB PIN but never registered. And of course, there is a big difference between buying JAMB PIN and registering for JAMB.

This is why I need to address this issue by simply answering "What next after buying your JAMB PIN?"

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Prospective TME Candidates Will Take The PIN to CBT Centers For The Registration

JAMB UTME registration doesn't stop at buying the PIN, each candidate will take his or her PIN to any available accredited CBT center for full registration.

On getting to the CBT center, you could be given a paper form to fill out. Fill it out and submit that to the appropriate counter or attendant. 

Meanwhile, it doesn't end there! You'll be asked to sit, facing the attendant, who will capture your photo, take your fingerprints and fill out an online form with the same details you've filled in on the paper form.

After completing the capturing and filling online of the data supplied on the paper, the online form will be submitted by the attendant which in turn will let him print your registration slip.

This slip will be given to you before leaving the CBT entrance. The slip should contain among other things, your JAMB registration number, the exam number, your bio-data, your photo, schools, and courses of choice.

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Prospective DE Applicants Should Take the PINs to JAMB Offices/CBT Centers

Similarly, Direct Entry candidates are also required to take their purchased PINs to the nearest JAMB offices. And depending on whether CBT centers are allowed to handle DE applicants or otherwise, you can as well use the CBT nearest to you.

As a matter of fact, there are no major differences between registering for UTME and registering for DE. As earlier stated for the UTME candidates, your registration will follow the same format including the collection of the registration slip after everything.

On the DE registration slip, on the other hand, you'll not have the exam slip since DE candidates won't be sitting for UTME.

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Don't keep your PIN at home, even though it's not compulsory to register the same day you bought the PIN. In other words, you can have your PIN now and register before the official closing date.

Similarly, don't just fill out the paper form at the CBT center and leave or just submit it and leave. You'll need the live photo and fingerprint capturing with evidence of the registration before you can be certain that you've successfully completed your UTME/DE registration.

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