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How to Gain Admission Into FUNAAB - Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta

FUNAAB Admission Complete Guide For UTME, DE, Predegree, IJMB, JUPEB and Cambridge A'level
Among the students I produced to the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta (FUNAAB) was Glory. The poor girl was back to thank me, especially for how I’d helped her make the right decision that secured her admission to the University.

You see, as an education consultant, you must know what works for one school and what doesn’t. The systems for each school can be widely or slightly different. This is what you learn with practice and time if you find yourself in my field.

Glory completed her pre-degree program at Osun State University. While getting set to be offered admission into the 100-level, the state government increased the school fee. She was not only disappointed but destabilized. She came to me for help and guidance on where else to turn to. She didn’t want to waste her UTME score, but at the same time, her parents couldn’t afford the new tuition.

After checking her O’level results grades and UTME score, we both did some calculations and we concluded she should consider the change of institutions to the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB). She did, and today, a bona fide admitted student of the university.

This post is meant to give you the same guide that had worked for Glory and thousands of admission seekers to FUNAAB.

If you’ve been following me in this series, you must have read about any of the universities linked below. If you haven’t but are interested, you can read them now. Otherwise, let's continue with FUNAAB.

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Let’s get into the Guide to Gaining Admission to the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB).

1. O’level Results are More Important for FUNAAB Admission

Except a school is using O’level results points to grade her applicants, SSCE results shouldn’t be more than just “at least 5 credit passes in relevant subjects”. JAMB brochure will tell you the same thing about all institutions and courses. FUNAAB admission needs more than that. They, like other schools, reckon with 5 relevant subjects in SSCE. However, admission seekers to FUNABB will do well to produce some distinctions (i.e. As or Bs) in SSCE. You’ll get this better when I talk about the aggregate score.

Ride on!

First and foremost, hope you're set for admission with your O'level results? By this I mean, do you already have 5 required grades in your relevant SSCE, WAEC, NECO, GCE, and NABTEB? That question may sound rhetorical but I must warn you that without 5 relevant O'level results, you're going nowhere.

Studying the FUNAAB JAMB brochure (as I will be covering below) will guide you as to what subjects you must have credits or passes in - to study a particular course.

FUNAAB entrance

You can also use awaiting results to seek admission to FUNAAB provided the results will be out or available before the school's post-UTME. This means if you're in SS 3 or you're yet to have completed O'level, you can fill in awaiting results for your O'level during UTME registration at CBT centre.

Note however that, immediately after your O'level results are released and the required grades are made, you have to go back to the CBT center to scan and upload them to the JAMB portal. This may attract additional charges though!

Generally, you'll need at least 5 credit passes in relevant subjects in one or two sittings before you can be admitted eventually.

2. Choose FUNAAB as Your 1st Choice in UTME

The admission process to any school starts with UTME registration. Unless you want to leave home through pre-degree, foundation class, Sandwich, Diploma, IJMB, JUPEB, and the likes, you will have to write and pass JAMB UTME. During your JAMB registration; at the CBT center, select FUNAAB as your most preferred institution (first choice). Well, you can’t even choose the university as 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice. Why? JAMB only arranges the likes of FUNAAB as the 1st choice only.

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Take Your Preferred Course for FUNAAB

You can’t do this unless you know very well about the course. How will you know very well about your course? JAMB brochure is your solution. JAMB Brochure is a must PLEASE. Some courses may sound as if you know everything about them but you don’t know if FUNAAB has some special conditions attached to their courses. 

So, save yourself from future disappointment - find a brochure to provide answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the O’level requirements for your proposed course?
  2. What subjects must you write in UTME
  3. Does FUNAAB attach certain conditions (under the special considerations remarks)

I have really covered what you must look for and how to look for it in my post, “How to Study, Understand and Use JAMB Brochure to avoid errors”. You SHOULD click to read it if you’ve not. Don’t skip this, please. JAMB doesn’t provide a paper brochure for now. That's why I have compiled the JAMB brochure for FUANAAB for you here. You can also download it on the JAMB website.

Thank God, JAMB has made things simpler for you by providing a platform where you can check your eligibility for a school and the course you chose or wish to choose there. I explained to use the platform Admission Eligibility Checker For UTME/DE Candidates.

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3. Register For, Write, and Pass FUNAAB Post-UTME

Admission into FUNAAB is very competitive and involves the following processes:

Online Admission Application For Post UTME

Your UTME result is out and it’s time to write FUNAAB Post UTME. The university is one of those schools that conduct entrance exams to weed out some candidates. They didn't conduct exams in the year 2022/2023 because of the time-wasting ASU strike. They're expected to resume the usual post-UTME after this.

First, what is your UTME score? Is it suitable for your proposed course? If you don’t have between 180 and 200, forget FUNAAB i.e. you must score 160 or above, depending on the courses, to proceed to the next stage. NOTE: The university required 180 or above until 2022/2023 when they called for 160 or above.

The University Post UTME session

NOTE: FUNAAB is so flexible about the JAMB cut-off mark; they choose 160 sometimes. Hence, I advise you to bookmark this post for updates or be on the lookout for their updates directly on the admission portal. If you check last year's post-UTME advert, you will see a list of courses they accepted 160 for, and those above.

Are you qualified or not? If you’re, thumbs up! If you’re not DON’T panic. You can still consider the change of institutions to other schools. Some universities, polytechnics, or colleges of education will accept lower scores than you have. Check the list of those universities in, "Universities/Polytechnics to Consider With Lower Marks".

How Does FUNAAB Calculate Points for UTME?

FUNAAB uses a Composite Grading System which considers the O'Level, Post-UTME, and UTME and transcript results (for DE applicants). The composite score is based on a ratio of 30:20:50 for Post-UTME, O'level result, and UTME scores respectively. O'level points are based on ONLY five core subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. A1, B2, B3, C4, C5, and C6 grades are rated as 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point respectively, all other grades are rated as 0 points. Thus, the maximum obtainable total O'level points are thus 30pts.

  1. Where Agriculture is accepted for a pass in Biology, the grade of Agriculture does not reflect on the O'Level point. In order words, FUNAAB only recognizes one of Biology or Agric science in O’level; not both.
  2. Where a candidate presents 2 results, the calculation is based on the better grade for each of the core subjects. However, 1 pt is deducted from the total score obtained.
  3. O'Level composite percentage = Total O'Level Points multiplied by 2/3.
  4. UTME composite percentage = Total UTME Score divided by 8
  5. Post-UTME composite percentage = Post-UTME score multiplied by 0.3
  6. COMPOSITE = Sum of all three composite percentages

FUNAAB Admission as a Direct Entry Candidate

This section is not for everybody!

Direct entry applicants are candidates who had completed their studies in BSC, HND, ND, NCE, IJMB, JUPEB, Cambridge Advanced Level (A’levels), etc. Then, later want to further their studies at universities for their courses or related courses but this time to 200 or 300 level straight. If you don’t belong to this category of candidates, skip to the next section.

As a direct entry admission seeker, you must have equally obtained the JAMB Direct Entry form (not the JAMB UTME form). You also must register at any available CBT centers across the nation. JAMB direct entry form usually comes out the very time UTME candidates are registering too. It was in the past that the DE form came after UTME, except that they did that in 2022/2023 again. 

During the registration, your first choice institution should be FUNAAB as the university doesn’t consider second-choice applicants.

Before registration, please visit, study, and understand the brochure. DON’T IGNORE this, please. I had covered what you need to look for in the JAMB brochure in, How to Study JAMB Brochure to Avoid Errors. Please take a minute to read. The special consideration (waiver) remarks part of your brochure is more focused on DE applicants. You can also check if you're eligible before anything.

Preference For A'level Programs Candidates

The university is known for giving preference in direct entry admission for its IJMB, JUPEB, and Cambridge candidates. If you fall into any of these categories with a good point/grade, lucky you. 

This doesn't mean the university is not accepting candidates from polytechnics, colleges of education, and others. If you have grades as stated below, you won't be denied a space. I've just produced a lady from a private polytechnic, for that matter, into the university's Department of Veterinary Medicine. She was coming with Distinction!

Candidates seeking Direct Entry admission into the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta should note that:

  1. they have the SOLE responsibility of ensuring that they meet the minimum admission requirements at Ordinary Level, OND, NCE or HND before making any payment. If at any point it is discovered that the candidate does NOT meet the minimum admission requirements, such offer of admission shall be withdrawn and payment made is NON- REFUNDABLE.
  2. In addition to the minimum DE requirement specified at O'Level, candidates seeking admission by Direct Entry are expected to possess a minimum of UPPER CREDIT at ND or HND and CREDIT at NCE for admissions into related areas from a recognized institution. At least two A-Level/IJMB/JUPEB passes in the following: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or Biology/Zoology/Botany are acceptable for admission into 200 Level.

DE Applicants and Request for Transcripts

Candidates are expected to forward their Academic Transcripts to the University Registrar usually before the closing date for their post-DE. Such a date will be announced on the admission portal.

How FUNAAB Treat Its Pre-degree or Remedial Students for Admission to 100 level

As a pre-degree student, you may want to ask: Do I need to pass UTME as a candidate for Pre-Degree to gain admission into FUNAAB?


The level of passes differs based on specific courses. This means the university may draw a lower score/mark for its pre-degree students to favor them in the admission list. However, FUNAAB is not well known for this.

Pre-degree candidates proceeding to the 100 level should ensure they score not lower than 180 in JAMB and partake in the post-UTME activities before expecting admission.

How to Gain Admission Help or Connections for FUNAAB

It’s like nothing works on merit in this part of the world again. Is that what you think? You can be right and wrong! Below is my explanation.

Now you have got a good score in UTME and Post UTME and you still panic you may not be given admission eventually. Why?

People have been let down like this in the past not only by FUNAAB but by many other institutions. Some people attribute that to a lack of connection or influence. If you don’t know people; lecturers, professors, security men, etc. – it doesn’t matter what you get. This is the notion of the day but you may be wrong. Schools still use merit. They use connection too but there’s no way the connection will supersede merit.

The True Way FUNAAB Distributes Admission Spaces

Get this! For every federal university like FUNAAB, 45% of applicants must be considered on merit, about 35% for catchment areas, and 20% for educationally less developed states. You will understand the use of this 45:35:20 if you read Understand Universities' Catchment Areas, ELDS and Merit Lists.

RecommendedHow JAMB and Each School Will Admit UTME/DE Applicants

I know lecturers help with the admissions of some applicants. I know equally that, a lecturer will not waste his slot on a candidate who already merits that admission. So, when you’re already on the merit list, no one can take you off it. All you should just work for is being on that merit list.


I know I haven't completed this guide yet, but I will keep updating it as I remember new things and new information surfaces about the university's admission. Also, you might have not seen me covered exactly what you're looking for. Why don't you ask questions? I'll love to answer your questions immediately and include them in my next update.

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  1. Do funaab accept Ijmb result for direct entry into part time programs?
    What are the transcript to be submitted for direct entry students using Ijmb results? Thanks.

    1. Yes, they do.

      Direct entry candidates are required to possess any of OND/HND/NCE/A-Level/IJMB/JUPEB results

    2. Pls sir are they study law there

    3. Sir can I use mathematics, literature, English, economic, government, marketing, agriculture,Civic, CRS, law department

    4. No, FUNAAB doesn't offer Law. For list of universities offering Law and SSCE requirements, read the post below.

  2. Pls can I apply for direct entry into Funnab part time program

    1. Yes, you can. It will be a four-year programme instead of five.

  3. During my JAMB registration I chose DELSU as first choice and Funaab as second choice but I didn't know they don't accept second choice, pls sir can I still change it

    1. Generally, no school is accepting 2nd choice. You had better focused on your first choice institution or do change of institution if you prefer your second choice and meet the requirements for it.

  4. Is funaab putme form out for 2020

    1. Not yet on sales as at the time of this reply.

  5. Has funaab started selling their 2020/2021 post utme form sir

  6. Sir as funaab started selling their post utme form?, and how much is it?

    1. Yes. Kindly read the post through the link below for details of post UTME registration.

  7. Please for horticulture can I make use of english language
    Agric, economics and chemistry

    1. FUNAAB does not accept Economics or Geography.

  8. Please I need subject combination for horticulture in funaab

    1. Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and one (1) of Mathematics, Geography, Economics or Physics.

      While other universities offering the course will accept the list above, FUNAAB does not accept Economics or Geography.

  9. I didn't write post utme for funaab,how can I do it sir

    1. Nothing can be done about a missed test. Change to any other available school.

  10. Please I want to choose funaab in the incoming utme
    If I chose funaab
    And I get accepted , when will the next session begin

  11. Sir, do funaab accept diploma from school of health result for Direct entry

    1. Kindly student the JAMB brochure to be sure of this.

  12. Good day sir,my name is Segun fadina I come from ogun state,an aspirant in crop protection,I got 188 in jamb,7 credits pass including English and mathematics in my o level, I scored 30% in the post utme,my aggregate is 38.5

  13. overseen viably by joining forces with an expert agriculture speculation consultancy that will deal with the sourcing of both land and inhabitant and furthermore handle all progressing the board as well.

  14. Please sir, can I study mechanical engineering in funnab with physics, chemistry, English. Mathematics, biology Civic education, merketing, yoruba, and economics

  15. Please sir I want to study mechanical engineering in funnab Please I need subject combination for mechanical engineering in funaab

    1. In JAMB, English, Math, Physics and Chemistry.

      In SSCE, English, math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology/Agric/Further Maths

  16. I have 174 do you think I can be given admission?

    1. If FUNAAB, no you can't be offered admission with any mark less than 180 (at least not for now.

  17. hello tolani....i was given admission 2021/2022 direct entry without writing post utme...i heard it's something about an automatic admission to 30% of the population who applied to the school this year...please do u know about it?

    1. No. It should be internal arrangement, if that is true.

  18. Please do I have chances if I apply to funnab with lower credit

  19. Please what are the subject combination funaab set for post utme for direct entry Candidate for nutrition and dietetics

    1. It should be Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English.

  20. Please sir after jamb is post utme the next or funnab admissions form

    1. Post UTME registration for FUNAAB, and followed by the post UTME

  21. My name on my waec is not tally with my jamb name but I have waec affidavit is Funaab going to accept that

  22. Sir can l still do a change of institution to FUNAAB for 2022/2023

  23. Sir my jamb mark is 195 can I till gain admission for mechatronic into funaab.
    Urgent reply sir, thank.


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