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Do I Expect a Printout After Registering Post-UTME/DE?

After registering your Post UTME, the question of whether there will be any printout for reference arises. This query is particularly relevant for students who complete the registration process themselves or enlist the help of others. 

For instance, a student who self-registered on their phone and another who had someone else complete the registration on their behalf both seek clarity on whether there will be tangible documentation following the process.

You Will Have Something to Print in Most Cases

In most cases, if not all, when filling out the Post UTME or screening form online, there is typically a document generated for printing. Admission portals of various institutions are designed to provide applicants with an acknowledgment or confirmation slip. 

This document serves as evidence that the form was successfully obtained, filled, and submitted online. Without such a document, there might be grounds for skepticism regarding the completeness of the registration.

Typically, after completing the registration for Post UTME/screening, you may receive a confirmation or acknowledgment slip either in digital format (via email or download) or a physical printout. This document usually contains crucial information such as examination details, venue, and other relevant instructions.

The Printouts May Be More than One

While at least one document is usually available for printing as evidence of online registration, some institutions may provide multiple documents. Generally, acknowledgment slips are printed, which may consist of one, two, or, very rarely, three pages. Additionally, where applicable, a payment receipt slip may be available on the same portal for printing.

A standout document is the exam or schedule slip, especially if the school conducts an entrance exam or physical screening. This slip provides detailed information about the exam or screening date, venue, and time. It is important to note that this slip may not be available immediately after submitting the registration form online, and applicants may be required to revisit the portal, at a later date, to reprint the exam slip.


The majority of institutions will provide at least one document for printing after the Post UTME registration process. However, the specific documents and the number of printouts may vary, so it is advisable to carefully follow the instructions provided by the respective institution's admission portal.

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