Commercial Courses in Polytechnics: O'level and UTME Subjects -

Commercial Courses in Polytechnics: O'level and UTME Subjects

UTME Subjects Requirement (Combination) for Social Science Courses
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After posting the list of art courses that one can study at polytechnics, a few of my readers were asking for more. They wanted the list of commercial, management, or social science courses in polytechnics as well.

This is what I’m here to discuss. What are the courses in Nigeria polytechnics for commercial students?

Before we go into the details, let’s start with who is a commercial student.

Who is a Commercial, Social Science, or Management Student?

A commercial student is a student trained to study related courses with management skills, business know-how, economy, etc.

He enrolls, while in secondary school, for courses such as Economics, Commerce, Account, Book Keeping, Marketing, Insurance, etc.

And from these, he has 5 credit passes in WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE including English and Mathematics (which are usually general).

With the above explanation, you should know if you belong here by now or not.

A few students had surprised me in the past. Imagine an art student who wants to pursue engineering courses at university.

It’s actually not his fault, he lacked the knowledge.

List of Commercial Courses in Polytechnics

  1. Accountancy
  2. Business Administration and Management
  3. Banking and Finance
  4. Co-operative Economics & Management
  5. Industrial and Labour Relations (FEDFISH-LAG, MINILS, RAMATPOLY)
  6. Insurance
  7. Library and Information Science (opened to Science, Art, and Commercial Students)
  8. Marketing
  9. Office Technology and Management
  10. Pension Administration and Management (Abuja School of Pension and Retirement Planning)
  11. Petroleum Marketing and Business Studies (Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Effurun)
  12. Public Administration
  14. Public Administration and Management
  17. Transportation Planning & Management (FEDPO-ILA, KWA-POLY, OKE-OGUN POLY)

General O’level (SSCE) Subjects for Commercial Students

In order to study any of the above-listed management courses, a candidate needs at least 5 O’level credit passes in exams such as WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, GCE or NABIS.

The required subjects may vary depending on the proposed course though. However, the combination below is more likely for any of the courses at listed.

Five (5) SSCE credit passes in:
  1. English Language (not Literature in English) and Mathematics
  2. and any three (3) of the following:
  • Economics,
  • Commerce,
  • Business Methods,
  • Principles of Accounts,
  • Financial Accounting,
  • Geography,
  • Government
  • Office Practice,
  • Government,
  • Typewriting,
  • Shorthand.

Even though some polytechnics may be more specific with their own requirements, hardly do we have anyone that will go beyond those listed here.

UTME Subjects Requirement (Combination) for Social Science Courses

For JAMB UTME, candidates seeking commercial courses admission should write as below.
Mathematics and two (2) of Geography, Commerce, Government, Principles of Accounts, and Economics.

In most cases, these polytechnics will want Mathematics and Economics as compulsory UTME subjects for their commercial students.

Then, you can add one other social subject to be on the safer side.

Can Science Students Go For Commercial Courses?

The answer is YES.

I know you can be surprised if you know that science students can also study management courses in higher institutions.

It’s actually not a big deal.

The simple brain behind this is if you have the required subjects, you can do any course. Therefore, if a science student writes and passes five of the listed subjects above, he is qualified for any commercial course then.

Similarly, some polytechnics still accept credit passes in subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and the likes for their social science courses.

Let’s see a list of commercial courses science students can study and their requirements. Follow this link.

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  1. Can a person who has 5 credit enter into the University

    1. Yes, if the 5 credits are from the required subjects


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