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Will All Universities Accept UTME to DE Conversion?

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Sukurah has been to my office once when I guided her on how to avoid JAMB regularization and still be able to register for Direct Entry (DE). The poor lady had attended a college of health and studied public health, which was not offered through JAMB back in her year of admission. Hence, the need for the JAMB regularization.

Whereas, it's possible to skip the hurdle of JAMB regularization by simply obtaining a UTME form and converting that to DE later. With that, she can register her JAMB DE without them asking for a JAMB admission letter. They will only use her qualification certificate, and the just written JAMB registration number among others to obtain the DE form for her.

Later that month, she messaged me to confirm if what she heard was true because somebody told her only Kwara State University was accepting UTME to DE conversion, that no other university was accepting that. Hence, the person advised her not only to obtain UTME but to also immediately go to JAMB office and register for DE as the DE form was currently ongoing.

Well, if you're in the same shoes or a related one, or you're not sure all universities will accept candidates converting UTME to DE for their admissions, you will need to read this post to the last word.

All Universities Accept UTME to DE Conversion

I don't know where the lady was getting her information. Yet, it's more of rumor than reality. I've personally processed DE forms for students who did conversion, in the past. Without any bias, the registration was successful, and those who merited the admission were offered.

The fact that you know of a school that is accepting that doesn't mean other universities are not. For instance, on the Osun State University admission portal, one of the options made available apart from UTME, DE, and Transfer is the "DE conversion". The university includes that option to allow those who are converting late to partake in its screening registration too.

With this and many other universities, it's evident that all universities don't discriminate in deciding whether to accept conversion or not. Even where a university doesn't include such option during the post-DE application, they're aware that once you convert, you're choosing the DE option during your registration.

How UTME to DE Candidates' Admission is Treated?

In order to buttress my position further, once you upgrade UTME to DE, you've canceled your UTME application. This means you can't be processing both DE and UTME admissions together or separately. Once converted, you're left with the DE now.

With that, the JAMB system will no longer identify you as a UTME candidate but a DE aspirant. With that, when JAMB is forwarding applicants' details to their individual universities of interest, your data will be sent along with the candidates who originally applied for DE without conversion. In fact, many universities wouldn't have known you converted if not for the indication in the JAMB DE registration number. That is, registration numbers of conversion students will usually have three alphabets instead of two for others.

Once those universities receive their DE applicants (it won't matter if conversion), they put up everybody in their database to register for their post DE or screening. With that, you're eligible for their form and admission eventually.

JAMB Is Always There To Regulate All Admissions

See, you have reasons to be afraid especially if you're hearing this here and there. Yet, I want to reassure you that no university will deprive you of admission because you're a conversion candidate. If you merit the admission even more than those who don't convert, you'll be given precedence over them or before them.

This is where JAMB comes in. JAMB is not offering admission directly but oversees how each university offers its admission. JAMB wants to know on what criteria universities are admitting students. If you meet such, the university won't have any reason to drop you. JAMB wants to know why one student is offered admission and not the other.

So, how does a university want to convince JAMB that they're not accepting you because you converted UTME to DE)? In short, where a school is even trying to be biased or encourage favoritism, JAMB will step in and stamp out that decision or choices.


The process of converting UTME to DE (Direct Entry) is a viable option for candidates seeking university admission without the traditional JAMB admission letter. This method is widely accepted across universities, including those who convert late in the admission cycle. 

Misinformation and rumors should not deter interested individuals, as the successful registration and admission of converted candidates in the past have shown that universities do not discriminate against them.

JAMB plays a crucial regulatory role, ensuring fair admission practices and giving every eligible candidate, including those who convert from UTME to DE, a fair chance at securing admission.

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