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What is the JAMB Closing Date? Official Answer!

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When in doubt regarding the real JAMB closing date, it is better to refer to the official source. Year after year, conflicting information from various blogs tends to arise about the closing date of the form. That's why official announcement matters.

Having been chatted by several students inquiring about the precise closing date for JAMB, it is pertinent to provide the exact closing date. Should there be any extensions, this post will be updated accordingly to assist you and others.

The 2024 JAMB UTME Form Will Close on the 24 of February, 2024.

Indeed, the official closing date for the 2024 JAMB UTME form is the 24th February, 2024. This information has been meticulously outlined in a comprehensive timetable by the board. For direct clarification, the date remains the 24th of February, 2024.

If there are any extensions, the new date will be shared in this space (now extended to February 26, 2024). Therefore, it is advisable to check back for updates on possible extensions.

JAMB Confirms the Closing Date

Recently, a student asked the board about the closing date, and the response reiterated the aforementioned date.

According to the post,

Please, when is the JAMB registration ending?

JAMB @JAMBHQ's reply,

26th February, 2024.

2024 JAMB DE Form Closing Date 11th April, 2024 (new Extension)

Apart from the UTME, JAMB also will sell the JMB DE form for a report about a month. As such the  closing date for the DE form remains the 11 of April, 2024. I will be sure to update this post in case of any extension.

While sale of the  2024 UTME application document is ongoing, and will come to a close by 26th February, 2024, sale of application document for the Direct Entry will commence by 28th, February, 2024 and close by 11th April, 2024.

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  1. Hello sir, I have an issue with my DOB on NIN, and want to register for DE. Can I proceed or I should make correction first


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