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JAMB Regularization: Prices and Documents Needed

To fill out the JAMB regularization form, you need to provide personal details such as full name, date of birth, gender, contact information, and address, along with JAMB-related information like previous registration numbers, UTME subjects and scores, details of attended institutions including qualifications obtained, matriculation details, and the choice of institutions for regularization, alongside secondary school information including exam details and grades, and you'll need to upload documents like a passport photo and O'level/SSCE results, with payment options varying depending on whether you have a JAMB registration number or not.

To fill JAMB regularization form, you will need some data during the registration. You will also need some documents to scan and upload.

In case you don't know the procedures for the application, consider reading my post "How to Do JAMB Regularization For DE, HND, and NYSC" first.

After that, you will want to know, when you get to the CBT center or JAMB office, what details and credentials/documents they will ask from you while filling out the form.

Knowing this will help you to prepare ahead. And if some information or documents require going back to school you will gladly do that before visiting the registration center.

This post will be showing you all information and documents that will be required of you to fill out your JAMB regularization form.

Personal Details/Bio-Data Required to Fill Regularization Form

  1. Full Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Marital Status
  5. Origin 
  6. Email
  7. GSM Number
  8. Contact/Home Address

JAMB-Related Information Needed to Fill Regularization

This section is optional or relative. Candidates who had done JAMB in the past, especially in the years of their admissions may choose to use the JAMB registration numbers and details of that JAMB to fill their regularization. 

And if you don't want to, you can still do the regularization without supplying this information (even if you have it). Candidates who didn't have any record of JAMB will have to leave these questions unanswered.

  1. Previous JAMB Registration Number
  2. Year of Enrollment
  3. UTME subjects 
  4. UTME score in each subject and total score 

Attended Institution-Related Information Needed to Fill Regularization

  1. Name of the University/Polytechnic/College Attended
  2. Qualification obtained
  3. Course offered
  4. Reason for not Being on the JAMB list
  5. Matriculation Number
  6. Matriculation Year
  7. Serial Number on the Graduation List (if available)
  8. Head of the Institution's Name
  9. Registrar's Name
  10. Year of Graduation

Institutions To-Be-Claimed Information Needed to Fill Regularization

Here is the real deal. This is the section where you will be required to choose the institutions for which you're registering the regularization. In other words, you have to choose your institution here. 

Let the institution be your real polytechnic, college of education or health or university on which you want to claim the admission was given and regularization is done.

This will be the school you will take the indemnity form or regularization slip for signing. This is the institution for which you have already supplied the names of the head of the institution and the registrar earlier. This is the school that will sign and sends your indemnity form to the JAMB office for the approval of the regularization.

  1. First Choice School
  2. Second Choice School

Secondary School Information Needed to Fill Regularization

  1. Exam Number
  2. Exam Year
  3. Exam Centre
  4. Subjects and Grades

Documents to Take Along to Fill Regularization

  1. Passport photo (and may not be needed if your photo is captured live at the registration centre)
  2. O'level/SSCE result to be filled for the purpose of this registration and of which its subjects/grades are supplied earlier.

Payment For JAMB Regularization Application

There are two options for the JAMB regularisation. Each has its own price. 

As earlier stated, some candidates will do the regularisation on an existing JAMB registration number and some will not do that or they don't have any JAMB registration number to do it on.

Below is a brief explanation of each of the two types of JAMB regularization and their service charge.

1. Condonement of Illegitimate Admission (Without Reg. Number)

Late Application: ₦3,500 and Condonement of Illegitimate Admission: ₦5,000. 

This requires filling out the form which shall go through the approval process. Registration Number shall be issued upon approval of the Application

2. Condonement of Illegitimate Admission (with Reg. Number)

Candidates can print their admission letter for their institution/course of choice, which is now different from the course/institution offered initially. A new admission letter can be printed after processing. You must remember your Reg. Number to use this service and the price is ₦5,000.

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