After Sending REQUERY NIN, No Reply or Error? -

After Sending REQUERY NIN, No Reply or Error?

I established in my last post that JAMB has changed its method to correct names, date of birth, and state/LG of origin. Henceforth, the board will not entertain the correction of these items at its office. Rather, with an SMS command, you can correct the date on your NIN profile and reuse that for JAMB to effect the changes.

If your intention is to register for the 2024 UTME, kindly return to NIMC to effect the change before registering. Once you are certain that the change has been effected, send REQUERY in capital letters, followed by your actual NIN to either 55019 or 66019, depending on the one previously used. For example, REQUERY 12345678910 to 55019 or 66019. Once you receive a re-query confirmation via SMS, select the field to be corrected and make the applicable payment. You can thereafter visit an accredited CBT center to continue the registration. However, if you don't intend to register for the ongoing UTME, please be aware that JAMB does not alter LGA after registration.

However, some students had reported they were not getting the right response after following the command given by JAMB to correct their biodata.

One candidate took to the board's X page to share his ordeal.

Yes, even after it has been effected, I sent REQUERY but the reply was "no changes were pulled from NIMC." I have sent my NIN as an email, but no response. Please, I don't know what to do, and the registration is closing this month. 🙏🙏🙏 @JAMBHQ

In its reply, the board advised the candidate to retry and wait for the correct reply.

You have to wait till the changes made are effected before sending the command through the previously used USSD code.

Possible Reasons and Solutions For Errors or Delays

As we already know, this is a new change that might take time to work well. In the meantime, the reason why you may not receive the SMS confirming your correction might be because the changes have not truly been reflected with the NIMC.

Accordingly, you're advised to verify first on the NIMC database by using the NIMC mobile App. If everything is okay on the App, then ensure you send SMS in the correct format, i.e., REQUERY xxxxxxxxxxx to 55019 or 66019, with the phone number you wish to use but with a minimum of 50 naira credit.

Some candidates also got the reply "NIN should be number only" after sending the "REQUERY" as stated by another concerned brother.

Adeyemi Opeyemi @Hadex1990

Hi, please how did you go about the REQUERY? I sent for my brother, and the reply is NIN should be number only.

In this case, you might have input more than one space after the word "REQUERY" or you've entered another empty space after the NIN you entered. It has to be "REQUERY 46156288478," for example.


Despite initial challenges reported by some students, including delays and error messages, JAMB has advised patience during the transitional phase. It's essential to verify corrections on the NIMC database using the mobile app before initiating the REQUERY process. The requirement of a correct SMS format, along with a minimum 50 naira credit, is emphasized. 

Instances of receiving "NIN should be number only" highlight potential user errors in inputting the command. As candidates navigate these adjustments, adherence to precise procedures and vigilance in error prevention are vital for successful corrections in the registration process.

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