Is DE Form Just Like UTME Form? The Same? -

Is DE Form Just Like UTME Form? The Same?

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Since UTME and DE forms are sold literally at the same time (and very recently at an interval), admission seekers are asking if the UTME form is just like the DE form.

Even though some qualified direct entry candidates are aware of a few differences, such as UTME is meant for the SSCE holders while DE is for holders of A'level and advanced qualifications (e.g. BSC, HND, NCE, ND, IJMB, JUPEB, etc.), yet they want to know if DE form is just like the UTME.

In this post, I will be sharing some similarities and differences between UTME and DE forms.

DE Forms Are Picked Up Just Like UTME Form

If you're to fill UTME form, you'll go to the CBT center, after generating your profile code and buying the UTME PIN.

This process is not different for DE applicants too. They'll also generate profile codes, buy DE PINs and obtain DE forms with that at any accredited CTB centers. Luckily, they can use the same profile codes used for the UTME a few years back (the one generated for their ND, NCE, etc. admission).

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Details To Be Filled For Direct Entry is No Much Different From the UTME Details

As you must have learned at this time, most of the biodata is obtained from the National ID card (NIN) which was used to generate the profile code. So, for the DE, your data remains the same as it was for the UTME. 

Even making attempt to change the profile code for DE won't work. This is because one candidate is only given one NIN and that NIN (WHICH CAN'T BE CHANGED) is tied to one profile code, one phone number, one email, and one JAMB portal.

Information such as names, date of birth, the local government of origin, state of origin, and gender will remain exactly as it was on your UTME information or UTME days.

However, the choice of schools will not be lifted from UTME to DE.

This is to say that, for UTME, four schools and courses were open to you to fill. Those schools may include universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, colleges of nursing (those accepting JAMB), or innovation enterprise institutions (IEI). However, for DE, you're limited to only two universities and courses.

Having said that you're limited to only two universities of choice in DE, when your DE slip is printed and given to you, don't expect more than two institutions allowed and chosen.

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DE Form Will Not Require Reprinting Exam Slips

While UTME candidates are expected to look out for mock and main exams sooner after their online registration, Direct Entry applicants are exempted from writing any exam at this time.

Generally, they're to wait for their universities' post-DEs which may be on sale when the post-UTME forms are on sale.

It's the nature of their universities' admission procedures that determine if there will be any exams at this stage. 

While some universities will not conduct post-DE tests for their applicants e.g. the University of Ibadan, and Lagos State University, etc., a few will still invite aspirants for entrance tests just as they call their UTME candidates for the same e.g. Federal University of Technology, Akure, University of Ilorin, etc.

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DE Admissions Are Offered Along the UTME Admissions

When admission lists are being released for the UTME candidates, DE applicants should expect the same. However, most of these universities may delay DE admission lists till their final lists.

Checking your DE admission status will be done through the JAMB CAPS and the university's portal. If admitted, you'll take part in the freshmen pre-lecture activities just like the UTME candidates.

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DE form is obviously different from the UTME form. The procedures to buy and register are no different from the others.

However, in certain key areas such as the qualifications required, the number of schools/courses to choose from, post UTME/DE approach, etc., DE applicants should expect some differences.

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