How to Get Back JAMB PIN Through SMS -

How to Get Back JAMB PIN Through SMS

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When acquiring a JAMB PIN, either by yourself or through a cafe or CBT center, students typically receive an SMS containing the digits of their PIN. However, instances may arise where the PIN is accidentally deleted or the phone is lost or it might not be received in the first place.

In such cases, this post provides information on the official code to retrieve the JAMB PIN. The shortcode applies to all JAMB applicants, including both UTME and DE candidates, as long as they have already purchased the PIN.

Steps to Get Back a Lost JAMB PIN

To retrieve the JAMB PIN, it is essential to use the SIM card that was employed to generate the profile code. Each candidate is associated with the specific PIN used for generating the profile code, making it crucial to utilize the same SIM card. Follow the steps below to initiate the retrieval process:
  1. Ensure the SIM card used to obtain the profile code is inserted and active on a phone.
  2. Text 'UTMEPIN' to either 55019 or 66019, depending on the number used during the profile code generation.
  3. Use the same shortcode as previously employed (55019 or 66019).
  4. Please note that a nominal fee of N50 will be debited for this service, and the retrieved PIN will be sent back to you via SMS.

Interaction with JAMB

JAMB has communicated via its official Twitter account, @JAMBHQ, instructing candidates to text 'UTMEPIN' to either 55019 or 66019 to obtain the electronic PIN required for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). This directive is crucial for a seamless examination process.

FRoland expressed concerns on Twitter, seeking assistance from JAMB and Globus Bank Nigeria regarding the non-receipt of the PIN after making a payment for a JAMB form on behalf of their cousin. FRoland provided the reference ID: 2024139508638284 and mentioned RemitaNET, seeking a resolution for the reported issue.


The process of retrieving a JAMB PIN through SMS requires adherence to specific guidelines to ensure a smooth experience for applicants. It is emphasized that individuals should use the same SIM card associated with their profile code generation to initiate the retrieval process. The guide from JAMB via Twitter serves as an official directive, underscoring the importance of texting 'UTMEPIN' to either 55019 or 66019 to obtain the electronic PIN necessary for the UTME process.

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