Can I Change My Institution/Course to NDA? -

Can I Change My Institution/Course to NDA?

If you're considering changing your university or course to or within the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), it's crucial to understand the process and timing involved. You can indeed change to NDA, whether you initially didn't select it in JAMB or you want to switch courses within the institution. However, the timing is critical. You must effect this change before taking the UTME exam. Once the UTME results are out, no further changes to NDA are permitted. Fear not about losing out by changing to NDA; your admission chances remain the same as other candidates, based on meeting the necessary requirements and performing well in the admission processes. Remember, if you don't secure admission to NDA, you can always revert to your previous choices or explore other options.

Most admission seekers will learn late that:

  1. Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is a university like any other university - although military
  2. To be admitted to NDA, you must obtain JAMB and choose the university your first or second choice

Whereas most candidates also obtain JAMB but they didn't choose NDA, at all. In this case, they may be considering changing their universities. Some chose NDA from the start but are thinking of changing their courses.

Hence, the question of if it's possible to change to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) or the courses already chosen.

In this post, I will be answering questions that will give you insights into:

  1. the possibility of changing your university/course to/in NDA
  2. the right time to do the changes
  3. what to know before changing etc.

You Can Change Your University to NDA

After registering for UTME but didn't choose NDA, you could still change to this university. And if you chose it earlier but wanted to change the course now, you could go ahead. All it takes is to return to your CBT center or any other accredited CBT center for the changes.

A CBT center will obtain the change of institutions form for you and update your first or second choice institution to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).

Before effecting such a change, there is a need to be sure you meet the requirements of the university.

These requirements include being a Nigerian citizen, having a minimum of 5 credits in relevant subjects in your O-level results, being of a certain age, and height, and meeting other specified criteria.

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You Can't Change To NDA After UTME

While you could change to any other university after you've taken UTME or the results were checked, changing to NDA has to come before UTME is taken at all.

In other words, the open window to change to the Nigerian Defence Academy is between the closing date for the sales of the JAMB UTME form and the time the results are released.

The reason for this is not farfetched. NDA usually sells its admission form within the same time frame as the JAMB form. It usually closes its forms when JAMB closes its or a few days after.

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More so, the university will conduct its entrance exam (post-UTME) a few days after JAMB releases its results. With this, NDA will ask JAMB to send the database of only candidates who chose the university and score its required JAMB score for its admission (usually 180 to 210 depending on the proposed course).

Unlike other universities that may wait for more months before selling their post-UTME forms and conducting exams (if applicable), NDA does its admission as soon as possible.

This is why no waiting time to accept any change of institutions after the release of JAMB results. The best time is before UTME or results.

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Fear Losing Out If You Change To NDA?

If you're confident to change to NDA, within a reasonable and acceptable period, as earlier stated, you should, on the other hand, be fearful of what may come after.

Whether you chose NDA, from the start or you later changed to the university, it doesn't tell, in any way, about your admission.

If you change to NDA, your chance of being admitted is the same as a candidate who chose it right from day one. So, you don't need to worry yourself.

The determinants, in the end, are your passing JAMB with the correct subject combination for the proposed course, having the right SSCE subjects, passing the entrance exam, and doing well if invited for the physical screening/interview. 

As you must have seen, these won't have any advantage for those who considered NDA from the start over those who changed to it.

Similarly, if you eventually do not pass JAMB or you don't make the NDA admission list, you're free to change back to your earlier chosen university or any other one. JAMB allows you to change up to three times or more as long as you can afford to pay for the changes.

 and newly interested institutions are still selling or are yet to be selling their post-UTME forms.

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