Seeking Help (Connection) For NDA Admission? Read This! -

Seeking Help (Connection) For NDA Admission? Read This!

I've been contacted on several occasions by prospective NDA admission seekers. These guys are always on the lookout for help and connections for their admission into the academy.

They must have heard elsewhere, through hearsay or from family chats, that before you can gain admission to the NDA, you need backup from an insider, a governor, a minister, honorable members, ex-military senior officers, kings, etc.

So, when they hit my DM, the next thing you hear is, "How can you help me gain admission into NDA? I need your help."

Of course, I don't doubt that people usually use connections to gain admission into NDA. So, in this post, I want to share my life-long acquired experience if you need help gaining admission into the academy.

Top Kings, Top Military Officials, and Ministry of Defence Are the Go-To

There is help required for probably anything in life. Especially in a country like ours, seeking favor for anything, not only NDA admission, may require you using some helping hands.

Yes, I've seen students who were admitted to the academy with the backup from the first-class kings from Yoruba, Igbo, or Hausa land. These people, to my assumption, seem to get slots year in and year out for one or two candidates into NDA. So, if you knew any, you might be lucky with their connection.

Similarly, you can't know the system better than the designer of that system. If you have a direct connection or relation with generals, colonels, and senior officials in the Nigerian Army, especially the NDA, you may rest assured that you'll be favored in the next list. This is also applicable to personnel within the Ministry of Defence. Since the ministry is in charge of the NDA, we don't have to doubt their officials' touches when it comes to admission.

You Still Must Merit Admission Notwithstanding

You see, seeking help to gain admission may look too loose if you think that even with weaker scores or failures, your influence can help you get the space. Let's be true here, I've not seen any student being admitted to NDA, even with connections, having got a lower mark than they require for the merit.

My observation is that, even if you seek help, you must pass the mark in JAMB (180 or above for art and science courses, 220 or above for engineering courses), which is the first prerequisite, and without that, you won't even be called for the NDA screening. Similarly, you must have passed the NDA entrance exam too. It's based on these two that you could be called for the physical and medical screening.

If there will be any help at all, you must get to the screening stage. If you can't make it here, I'm sorry you can't even be helped. This resonates with the scriptural message, "heaven helps those who help themselves.

Meeting The General Requirements Is As Important

Meeting the basic eligibility criteria is crucial for NDA admission, irrespective of your connections. Without fulfilling these foundational requirements, securing assistance for your admission could be challenging, and even if someone tries to help, your application may still face rejection. 

Essential qualifications include specific height standards, citizenship verification, satisfactory O'level results, and an appropriate subject combination in the JAMB examination for the proposed course. These criteria play a significant role in determining a candidate's suitability for admission into the academy. 

Ensuring you meet these prerequisites is essential for a successful application process, highlighting the importance of academic and physical preparedness alongside any external support you might seek.

Don't Look For Help Online

Now, you're reading this post probably because you're looking for someone who will help you gain admission into NDA from the internet. Well, the internet is no place to start from. There is no one online to help you secure NDA admission.

If anyone is promoting such, he is but just a scammer. I've seen such adverts here and there on the net. These people are looking for people like you. They've got their net set for you; once you enter it, they won't let go of you until they drain your parents of their hard-earned money.
These are a few NDA scammers
If you truly need help, talk to people who are closer to the first-class kings around you. And if you can connect with people within the Ministry of Defence, they can be willing to support.

Meanwhile, some people are showing up online claiming that they've been helped by some Generals, Majors, Colonels, etc., or one king or member of the house of representatives or senate. They then add phone numbers to call if you need to talk to those people too for help. It's all lies; don't fall for it. All those posts are masterminded by scammers.

NDA Still Admits on Merit

Of course, if you watch too many movies, you might have bought the idea that, without spending money or having the right connection, there is no way you can achieve it. Well, that's not entirely true.

And if you're not thinking twice, you can easily fall for this and want to spend anything just to join the Nigerian Army, Navy, or Air Force.

Let me be true with you - students are still being admitted on merit. In fact, you only need a connection in most cases if you're an average student. If you're exceptionally brilliant, the academy will not want to lose you just because you don't have a godfather.

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Imagine passing the JAMB excellently, acing the NDA entrance exam, performing exceptionally during the interview, and passing through the medical and physical tests. What would be their excuse to ask you, "Who do you know?" again?

You see, generally, even if you know a person, know yourself. The NDA is not for everybody, as the competition is always intense. And to beat that competition on merit demands your best - mentally, intellectually, physically, and health-wise. If you fall short in any of these and you're dropped because of that, whose fault is it?

It's only if you fall short in any of these and still don't want to be sent home that the connection or godfather comes in.


Meeting the general requirements is indispensable for NDA admission, regardless of any connections one may have. These prerequisites, including height, citizenship, academic qualifications, and subject combinations, serve as the foundation for a successful application. Fulfilling these criteria ensures that candidates are well-prepared and eligible for consideration, emphasizing the importance of both merit and compliance with set standards. 

Therefore, while assistance and connections may facilitate the process, they cannot compensate for the absence of essential qualifications. Ultimately, aspiring candidates must focus on meeting these requirements to enhance their chances of securing admission to the prestigious NDA.

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