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Is NDA also Army Recruitment? Differences/Relationships

I had listed the requirements for NDA registration for one of my clients before I released the guy was mixing things up. He actually came to register for the Nigerian Army form.

Obviously, he didn't know the difference between the Nigerian Army application and the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) form.

Generally, there is a big difference between the two.

This post will be answering the question of whether the NDA application is the same as the Nigerian Army application. And if the answer is NO, what are the differences between the two?

Differences Between Nigerian Army Application and Registration

Below is a list of common differences between the Nigerian Army Application and the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA).

1. Nigerian Army Application is to Seek Employment While NDA is to Seek Admission

Nigerian Army application is a yearly (or biannual) recruitment exercise by the Nigerian Army to recruit soldiers into the Nigerian Army. Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) application, on the other hand, is an annual admission exercise to take in a new set of undergraduates (students) into the Nigerian Army University.

If selected for the Nigerian Army recruitment, you're a combatant at the end of a 6-month training. If you're admitted to the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), you will spend about 5 years on your course before being graduated like any other university. After which you're a graduate together with an officer or the Army, Navy or Airforce.

2. Nigerian Army Recruitment Mode of Entrance is Different from that of NDA

Nigerian Army recruitment requires an online application, followed by the state-of-origin based physical screening and followed by the main training at Kaduna. All these are usually done within a year.

However, for the NDA, candidates must have obtained JAMB UTME and selected NDA in the JAMB (usually as the first choice university), partook in the entrance exams before proceeding to interview and screening - leading to admission and studies for a 5-year course.

3. Nigerian Army Recruitment Only Produces for Army While NDA Produces for Airforce and Navy too

If you're selected for Army, after your 6-month training, you will be absolved by Nigerian Army only - making you the officer of the Nigerian Army at the recruit level. 

Whereas, you can be admitted, for NDA, under Army, Navy or Airforce. If you're produced by NDA, at the end of your course, below is your status.

  1. Second Lieutenant for the Nigerian Army Force graduates
  2. Pilot Officer for the Nigerian Air Force graduates
  3. MidShipman for the Nigerian Naval Force graduates

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  1. Please can I go to the Nda ant still go to battle?

  2. Sir I want to go for recuit but haven't write my waec can it still be possible??

    1. No. You'll need one or two of WAEC, NECO, GCE or NABTEB before you can apply.


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