Can I Edit My NYSC Registration After Submission? -

Can I Edit My NYSC Registration After Submission?

After submitting your NYSC online form, you may realize there is a need to correct or change some information. Is that possible?

A few prospective and serving corps members had contacted me to ask if it's possible for them to change their details already filled and submitted on their NYSC portal and if possible how would they go about it.

Of course, there are a few details, filled in for NYSC, that can be altered after the submission. And there are some that go beyond your touches as soon as you hit the submit button.

The above statement should give you some relief but which items can be changed and which ones are indelible?

In this post, I will be separating the details that can be edited, after submitting your NYSC online form, from those you shouldn't hope for.

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NYSC  Allows Corps Members to Change Their Dates of Birth After Submission

After submitting the online form, you may come to the realization that your date of birth was not correct.  Error(s) in the date of birth submitted for NYSC is usually from the JAMB database. This is because NYSC exports this from your JAMB details (through the JAMB registration number you input at the beginning of your NYSC registration).

The effect of this may be not being mobilized for camping or being forced to exemption certificate if you're more than 30 with a such date of birth.

Similarly, even if you can still serve with the errors in the date of birth (i.e. the age is still less than 30), you won't want the wrong date of birth on your NYSC certificate because the corps now displays dates of birth on certificates.

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Luckily, you can change it even after the submission of the form online. To do that, you will need to replace this date of birth with the one on your WAEC result or certificate. 

However, you can't edit this manually or by yourself. You will have to buy WAEC verification PIN, submit it through your NYSC dashboard, and allow the corps to validate that before mobilizing you for camp or before issuing your NYSC certificate.

If the date of birth on the WAEC result is equally wrong or not favorable, this option may not be helpful. Unfortunately, there is no other way, officially allowed, that can help.

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NYSC Allows Corps Members to Change Courses of Study After Submission

Just like the correction of date of birth is possible after the NYSC online mobilization form submission, you can also change your course of study if there is a mistake with that.

Some would observe this error at the first stage of the registration (because it was the school that made this mistake, not the applicant or the café) but nothing could be done about it at that stage. Hence, you're to complete your registration without worry.

After the submission, follow the official guide to file for the correction of the course. The corps will need time to get back to your school and reconfirm your submission before they can approve the change.

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NYSC Allows You to Edit Your Names After Submission

Another item, officially recognized and allowed to be edited by corps members after the online registration is the names. 

The corps allows members to submit an application for the correction of names through the concerned corpers' dashboards - with options to rearrange names, correct spelling mistakes, or remove or include names.

The corps, just like in the case of the course of study, will contact your institution to know if the error emanated from its end and if it endorses going ahead with the correction.

If yes, the corps will do the correction before you are posted or finally before they prepare your NYSC certificate.

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The Option to Change Date of Birth, Name, and Course May Not Last Through the Service Year or After

Within the first few weeks of being posted, especially while in camp, the option to edit your DOB will still be active for you to use. So also are the options to change the course and names.

If however, you don't take action within a reasonable period, towards, the end of your service year or any time after camping, these options may be removed. Hence, you're no longer capable of applying for the correction.

This is because, by that time, the corps must have prepared your certificates. Thereby, it'll no longer allow the correction of information on it.

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Aside From the Above Items, No Edit is Allowed After Submitting the NYSC Form

Of course, you may want to edit your local government of origin, blood group/genotype, home addresses, schools attended, dates of attending your schools, etc.

Unfortunately, none of these items and more would be allowed to be corrected if you had submitted the form.

While still registering the form, it won't matter whether you've got to the last section or you're in section two of the form, you could always go back and edit things. However, once submitted, you're only limited to changing the date of birth, name, and course of study.

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