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Can a Corper Be Posted to a State Not Selected for NYSC?

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You’re on the right page if you’re finding answers to this question: can I be posted to a state I didn’t choose for NYSC?

I’m writing this post after I had got about ten cases to buttress my point.

The rest of this post was written to show corpers that they could be posted to any state even if they didn't select that during the mobilization registration. However, that was for the years when NYSC was still allowing corpers to pick four states out of which they're most likely to be posted. 

However, today, prospective corpers are not even allowed to select any state to be posted to, during the online registration. This means the corps is now in full control of where you're posted to serve. They decide for you without any other choice except you want to apply for relocation.

The Background to Posting Corps Members

During NYSC Mobilization registration, each prospective corps member will be required, of course, to select 4 states among the 37 states of the nation including the Federal Capital Territory – Abuja. Even though you don't have the likes of Lagos, Abuja, and a few other high-demand states so cheap again. Lol!

These states are categorized into four; mixing a few of southwest with the south-east, north-central with southeast, etc. In other words, the 6 geopolitical zones are regrouped into 4 for the NYSC choice of states.

What matters is you’re to choose four states.

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You Fall Outside these Selected States

Now that, you’ve got the four states you preferred, is it possible to still be posted to a different state entirely different from the ones chosen?

The answer is Yes. NYSC has designed its system to present you with four states in the categories earlier mentioned. However, the management reserves the right to post you to any state even if it's outside those you'd chosen. 

In other words, choosing your best or most favorable states doesn't impose any obligation on NYSC to post you to any of these. You may find yourself being posted to a state not among the four you preferred and chose.

Like I said earlier, I had got not less than ten cases of corpers posted to not-selected states in recent times.

In case you don’t know. I’m a café manager in Osun State. I own and run an NYSC registration center for about a decade now. Think of how resourceful I might have got to date.

NYSC Confirms the Prospective Corp Members can be Posted to any State

And just recently, NYSC has answered a question on her Twitter page where the same concern was addressed.

NYSC stated, officially, that it has the mandate to deploy you to any state of the federation whether you choose the state or not.

While addressing a similar issue, the handler stated,

No more available States to choose is not an issue. You can select when more States are available, and also if you didn't select any, you will still be deployed to a State. NYSC has the mandate to deploy you to any State of the Federation whether you choose a State or not.

In the last posting, immediately a lady saw she was posted to Adamawa, “I didn’t choose that”, She exclaimed.

During the registration, she chose: Kano, Kwara, Ogun, and Edo (and in that order).

She did her registration here. 


  1. I have been remobilized,but what I don't understand is my ppa letter is still same letter I was given in camp ,with the old date, even my state code still the old one,but my caller up number have changed to 2022.i remobilized since April,I was 2019 batch.
    Please help me out and confuse

    1. You're not going to camp if remobilized. Just go to the NYSC secretariat for the next steps and instructions.


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