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6 Documents Married Woman Will Upload For NYSC

As a married woman going for NYSC, you have the choice to seek direct posting to your husband's state of origin/residence or any state NYSC prefers.

Who will not prefer the former? 

Every married prospective corps member (PCM, men not included) will want to be posted to either the state of origin of her husband to be closer to her love and family.

As for the statutory arrangement, you won't just get such an opportunity unless you follow the right processes.

Two Posting Options Are Opened to Every Married Female PCM

Speaking of the right processes, you're open to two options if you want to be posted rightly.

  1. You can fill out your NYSC mobilization form, indicate married, and request to be posted as you want
  2. You can just do your registration without indicating married, but, on getting to NYSC camp, submit your redeployment letter on the basis of marriage

Whichever option you go for, you will need to submit your backing documents to prove that you're truly married.

If you go for option 1, there is a stage (last stage), during your online registration, where you will be required to scan and upload supporting documents.

If you go for option 2, NYSC officials will ask for these documents, physically, at your camp before they can process you for redeployment.

If you go for option 1, you won't be posted to any other state than that of your husband or his state of residence.

If you go for option 2, they will first post you to any state before you will be redeployed to your husband's state of origin or residence.

The question now is "what are the required documents to be scanned and uploaded during the NYSC registration for a married woman?" or "What are the documents to be submitted in camp to be redeployed on a marriage basis?"

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NYSC Requires Perspective Married Women to Upload or Submit Six Documents

Before I give you a brief explanation of each, below is the list of documents required of married female corpers.

  1. Marriage Certificate or Court Affidavit of Marriage
  2. Newspaper Change of Names
  3. Husband's Official ID Card (e.g. National ID Card, Voter's Card, Driver's License)
  4. Husband's Local Government Identification/Domicile Letter
  5. Utility Bill or Letter From Employer
  6. O'level (SSCE) Result

1. Marriage Certificate or Court Affidavit of Marriage

Recognized marriage certificates include the registry marriage certificate (usually given at the local government or court), and all nationally registered religious bodies' marriage certificates (e.g. NASFAT, Ansarudeen, Nawarudeen, CAC, Catholic Church, Seventh-Day, etc.).

However, a marriage certificate issued by any religious body had been used, in my experience, and considered. More so, you can use a court affidavit confirming your marriage. 

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2. Newspaper Change of Names

Any newspaper publication of a change of names is acceptable. Before the café will scan and upload, be sure to circle the area (asterisk deeply the four angles of the area showing the names) of your own names.

3. Husband's Official ID Card (e.g. National ID Card, Voter's Card, Driver's License)

If your husband is still living in his state of origin or within his local government of origin, it will be better if the ID card has the address within the same state or local government. 

If in another state and that's where you want to be posted, the company or business ID card will be better and should show the address or location of his business or company.

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4. Husband's Local Government Identification/Domicile Letter

If you want the state of origin of your husband, the local government identification should be fine. However, if he is in another state and you want to be there, you will need the Domicile letter of your husband.

There is a difference between a local government identification or state of origin certificate and a domicile letter. Read that in my "Is Local Government Identification Same as Certificate of Origin?".

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5. Utility Bill or Letter From Employer

The utility bill can be the NEPA bill, water bill, etc. And the address on it, if any, should be that of the state you wish to be with your husband. This can confirm with the domicile letter if he is not in his state of origin. If in his state of origin, a NEPA bill with an address within that state is fine. 

The utility bill doesn't have to bear your husband's name. It's that address/state they want to confirm there. 

If you've got a job offer where your husband is or a company wishes to take you in to serve with them, get a letter from the company to back that up and upload it instead.

6. O'level (SSCE) Result

In the past, NYSC would not ask for this. However, very recently, they're asking married corpers to upload their SSCE results. 

It's not clear what your SSCE result has to do with placement as a married PCM, if it's asked for, you're to scan and upload any of your WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, or GCE result.

Where you're using two sittings (combined results), there are spaces to upload both on the portal.

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The most important thing to note is that apart from the marriage certificate and newspaper change of name, all documents of your husband are meant to know where to post you. Hence, be sure that the information is not conflicting on those documents. Let it shows the state where your husband resides and they will post you accordingly. 

As a married female PCM, you'd better indicate your marriage status while filling out the online form and supply all the documents required to be uploaded. This will save you the time, money, and stress involved in going to any camp first and later reprocessing your deployment.

And since the required documents for the online application won't be any different from what they will ask for on camp, going for the latter won't be rational. 

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  1. Please I went to the cafe to do my registration, I registered as married woman but the cafe did not upload the utility bill and husband ID card he said there's no provision for it, I did it since a day before yesterday and till now it still showing pending so I don't know if it's because of not upload the utility bill and husband ID card that is making it to be pending up to this moment or something is wrong

  2. Please can I use my husband’s state of origin certificate instead of domicile letter? Please I want to be cleared on this.

  3. please can I use my husband birth certificate instead of domicile Letter?


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