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How To Convert a CV in MS Word/Scanned to PDF File

Steps to Convert MS Word, JPEG/PNG CV to PDF Version
Convert documents to PDF
It’s getting common and required these days that job seekers are asked to convert or write CVs/Resumes in PDF (Adobe Reader File). Companies are requesting this on purpose though.

First, if a CV is converted to PDF, it protects your information from being altered by third parties. Who knows? Someone may not want you to join the team. Imagine your CV in Microsoft word, it may be altered by anybody.

Second, it prevents your details from being destabilized or items being scattered. Remember a CV you once designed perfectly on your phone or computer but when printed, information shifted wrongly? Using PDF will prevent such from happening if done well.

This post is not meant to discuss the number of PDF creators or software to change your MS office documents such as reports or CVs to PDF files.


You don’t need that, of course. And if you just need that, I suggest you search Google search.

I just want to quickly help you convert your Resume without wasting your time or the need to learn some technical steps that will require an ebook to understand.

I will give you two methods only - to convert your prepared CV (by it typed or scanned) to PDF

But before then, take note of the following.

  1. Once you change your CV/Resume to PDF, you may not be able to edit it again in that file type. Hence, I suggest you design well the curriculum vitae in MS word and correct any possible errors before the conversion.
  2. Look out for these errors and follow the suggestions to correct them.

Now, to the conversion steps ...

Steps to Convert MS Word, JPEG/PNG CV to PDF Version

1. Use the Internet

If you’re connected, I suggest using the services of DOXPDF.  I love using that.

Another one, Online2PDF, has also recently won my heart.

All you need to do is:

  1. Click on UPLOAD FILES on the page. This will take you to the storage of your computer or phone. Then, select the CV already made with MS word
  2. Allow the file to be attached, loaded, and converted. This will happen, usually, automatically.
  3. Then, click on download.

It doesn’t take more than 1 minute.

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2. Convert JPEG/PNG to PDF

A JPG or PNG file is a photo/picture file. For example, if you scan your printed CV/Resume yourself or at a cafe before saving that for future use or sending it to someone, the file type can be PNG or JPEG.

To convert a JPG or PNG file to PDF, use

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3. Use a Mobile App

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, the stores contain hundreds of PDF converting apps. Just search with the phrase “PDF converter

You must have a score to choose from. Kindly check the comments below each of the apps and see whether the existing users are enjoying it. Take note of whether it works offline or it must access the internet before using it.

If it works offline, it’s better.

Download and use that to browse and convert your CV to PDF.

There are more methods to do this if you’re using a computer instead of a mobile phone. But let me save you the time.


Method one and two above can be used both on phone and computer browsers, while the second method will be great for you if you’re just blessed with a phone instead.

After the changing and downloading of the PDF file, the file name will still remain the original name used to save the MS Word version.

This is the file that you will have to send to whichever company or person requests it.

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