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NYSC: Married But Wrongly Posted? Solutions!

Until recently when NYSC made it official, some married prospective corps members wouldn't know where to turn to after being posted to states other than their husbands' or their states of residence.

As a married female PCM, you're to fill the NYSC form differently as yours will require uploading some documents backing your marriage. It's based on this information that the corps will determine where to post you. If you prefer your husband's states, Local government identification will point at that. If you want the state where he resides, the domicile letter will be appropriate here.

However, after filling the forms, correctly, with the required credentials, some married corpers were still posted to states they don't look up to. The states are different from their husbands or where they reside. In this situation, what to do? What is the solution so as to serve where you truly intend? 

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First, Be Sure The Error Didn't Emanate From Your Side

Yes, you heard that right! Some cafes might have not done your registering up to class. Did you or they upload all the required documents

  1. Husband ID Card e.g. National ID Card, Driver's License, Office or company ID, etc.
  2. Husband Local Government Identification or Husband Letter of Domicile
  3. Acceptable Marriage Certificate e.g. court recognized religious body
  4. Newspaper Publication of Change of Name
  5. Utility bill or employer letter

With the above documents well uploaded, you or the café is not at fault if NYSC still posts to a state not aimed for. It's their fault!

At this point, if it's your fault or that of the café, you'll have to give in and go to any state posted to and redeploy manually from the camp.

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If It's NYSC's Fault, Report to the Camp of Your Intended State Instead

Yes, you don't need to go to the state you're posted to. Proceed to your husband's state NYSC camp or his state of residence NYSC camp (as the case may be).

Here, you're not officially expected, until recently. Report and lodge your complaint. The official will check their portal and database to be sure you've truly done things the way it's supposed to be done. 

If done well, they will accept you to the camp for further orientation activities. 

This has been the procedure for years. But it wasn't popular until when the corps published an official backing for that procedure.

According to NYSC

All married females (PCMs) who are deployed to States where their husbands are not domiciled should report to their State NYSC Orientation Camp for the State of Deployment to be changed. They are to report during the period of registration at the Orientation Camps with copies of their marital and other relevant documents as evidence.

Though this was officially targeted at affected corpers in the 2023 Batch B Stream 1, it's the same procedures being followed before this time and will be used henceforth.

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You don't have to settle for the redeployment if you're posted to another state than your husband's. You can just report to the right state, they'll manually check things for you and accept you to serve where you're supposed.

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