Can I Take A New WAEC to Reduce NYSC Age? -

Can I Take A New WAEC to Reduce NYSC Age?

In an attempt to reduce their ages for NYSC, very many graduates are faced with two possible options. You can use fresh JAMB regularization or the WAEC verification option.

However, the most acceptable and legal one is the use of the WAEC verification method. Here, you buy WAEC verification PIN and use it to correct the date of birth especially if the date of birth on the WAEC will favor you to serve with NYSC. I won't call the fresh JAMB regularization illegal. Since it's acceptable and favorable, it won't matter.

As a reminder, below is the procedure to correct the date of birth using the WAEC verification option.

  1. Get 19 or 20 digits WAEC Verification Pin from any First Bank branch
  2. Submit your Registration then login to your dashboard to view the link
  3. Click on Correction of Date of Birth
  4. Enter WAEC Verification Pin, select WAEC Type, Year of Exam, and enter your Examination Number
  5. Click on Verify button Click SUBMIT or CANCEL. 
  6. Note that you will be notified through your email after being processed. 

Trying to use the WAEC verification option has opened intending corpers to two other concerns.

  1. What if you're truly overage and it's the date of birth is also on the WAEC result?
  2. What if you don't have a WAEC result at all? You have NECO or NABTEB instead
  3. What if you have a WAEC result but it's not the WAEC result that you used to gain admission?

In any of these situations, the concerned graduates are now considering writing another WAEC in order to change their date of birth on that and subsequently use that for the NYSC verification.

Since NYSC will accept the date of birth on WAEC, why can't you just write another WAEC, or if you don't have WAEC before, write it now with the favorable date of birth?

Well, there is a clause to using the WAEC verification option to game NYSC for date of birth. And that's what this post is meant to address.

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NYSC Will Not Accept WAEC More Recent Than Your Year Of Admission

According to the corps,

WAEC you are to use must be equal to or more than four (4) years as of the time of graduation.

In other words, the corps is aware that most graduates will want to be using this loophole to game its system so that they can serve with NYSC. Hence, the acceptable WAEC age is limited to last four years before your graduation. 

For example, if you graduate in 2023, the corps will not approve any WAEC verification for exams written in 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019 (depending on the duration of your programme).

Writing a New WAEC Before Admission or in Your Year 1 Could Work

If you're aware of the possibility of being dropped from NYSC due to age before gaining admission, you can use this loophole.

You can write a new WAEC or WAEC GCE. It won't matter whether you use the result to gain admission or otherwise. By the year of graduation, the age of the WAEC should be equal to 4/5 years or more. And depending on the duration of your course, that should be favorable.

Other Related Matters to Using WAEC Verification to Reduce NYSC Age

Apart from the fact that the WAEC you are to use must be equal to or more than four (4) years at the time of graduation,

  1. you can't use another person's WAEC detail to apply, it will be disapproved.
  2. there shouldn't be any disparity of names on your WAEC and that of your NYSC dashboard.


Writing a new WAEC (or GCE) to correct/reduce your date of birth won't work for you if you're already preparing to go for NYSC. This option is perfect for an admission seeker who is aware that he will be more than 30 by the year of graduation. He can write another WAEC now hoping to use that for NYSC's correction of date of birth when the time comes.

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  1. I graduated 2022 and I’m using 2019 waec results which was the result used gaining admission any hope for me changing my DOB ?

    1. My waec result is reading 1990, can I be able to change it?


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