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Differences in NYSC Discharge, Exemption and Exclusion Certificates

A graduate in Nigeria can be given any of the NYSC Discharged certificates, Exemption, or Exclusion Certificates. Do you know the differences among these official merits awarded to BSC and HND holders by NYSC? If not, this article stands to help.

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1. NYSC Discharge Certificate 

This is the official document printed and presented by the body to all “served” corps members. By the “served”, it means such a graduate had registered for NYSC mobilization, participated in the three-week camping, and posted to a place of assignment where he had been serving for the past 12 months.

Sample of NYSC certificate. Recent ones have a passport while old ones didn't.

After a year-service at his or her place of assignment, NYSC organizes a passing out ceremony. There, the service award and present this certificate to him or her.

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2. NYSC Exemption Certificate

This is awarded or given to a graduate who doesn’t participate in the one-year service. Such a graduate could not be mobilized because he or she is over-aged (i.e. above 30) at the time to register for NYSC mobilization.

NYSC disallows graduates above 30 to take part in the one-year programme of service. Hence, instead of giving them a Discharge certificate (for the served ones), they are presented with Exemption Certificates.

Meanwhile, such an over-aged graduate must equally register for the NYSC mobilization but will not be mobilized.

His or her exemption certificate will be delivered to the school. Hence, such a person may choose to pay for it online or wait for the school to receive it.

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3. NYSC Exclusion Certificates 

Graduates of any university, polytechnics, distance learning centre, etc for a programme that is part-time based, sandwich, distance learning, etc are given exclusion certificates.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re over-aged or not. Once you didn’t graduate from a regular full-time course, you've presented an exclusion certificate instead.

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Graduates who belong to this category must equally register for NYSC mobilization online. They’re also to pay the exclusion fee on the portal or a bank. However, when NYSC starts to be mobilizing perspective serving corps members, their own certificates will be ready for printing online. Such a certificate will be printed from their NYSC dashboard in colour to be recognized as original and official.

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  1. Good day... my age on my JAMB result is 1990, but my normal date of birth is 1994, and my school have already mobilized my name, and I apply for change of birth with jamb office, so my question is can I proceed to register for NYSC, or I should wait until they correct my date?

  2. Are those exempted from the NYSC Service get paid allowance?

    1. No. NYSC allowees are meant for those who are working with the corps.

  3. Well-done my Oga, may Almighty God grant you more knowledge

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for appreciating the good work here.


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