Must Married PCM Use Domicile Letter for NYSC? -

Must Married PCM Use Domicile Letter for NYSC?

A few prospective corps members reached out to me before NYSC opened its application portal. The mobilization is a different thing for the married PCM.

This set of corper-to-be will need to scan and upload some documents when filling out the online mobilization form. And if they choose to relocate from camp, will need to submit a few papers.

Among these papers is the Domicile letter. However, it's not always as most corps members understand it to be.

Will you compulsorily need to scan, upload or submit a domicile letter? Is it optional or there is a substitute for it?

Well, let's chat!

Using Domicile Letter Is Only Needed If You have a State Different From Your Husband's

Generally, when you're applying as a married woman, your husband's state of origin certificate or local government identification (they mean the same), is enough for you to be posted to the state of your husband.

NYSC needs this to be sure of where your husband hail from. The corps will be willing to post you to his state and even his local government for your 12 months of national service.

However, the domicile letter only becomes necessary if your husband is not leaving within his state or local government of origin.

For example, your husband is from Kwara State but lives in Ogun State. In this case, you will want to serve at Ogun State instead of Kwara State.

In this case, your own requirement is the domicile letter- not the husband's state of origin or local government of origin identification/certificate.

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Domicile Letter Will State The present Address of Your Husband

The domicile letter has to be that of your husband. To get it, he has to visit the local government secretariat of his living or work. The office assigned to issue the domicile letter is usually the chairman or the certainty office of such local government.

You'll be required to pay usually between N2,000 to N5,000 depending on the state or local government.

Now, while filling out the NYSC online form, instead of using your husband's local government identification or certificate, you're to upload the domicile letter.

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With One No Need For the Other

As you must have earlier deduced, for the purpose of clarification, NYSC won't require you to upload both the state/local government of origin certificate and the husband's domicile letter at the same time.

It's either the former or the latter. If you prefer staying in the state of work or in another state, yours is a domicile letter. If your husband still lives in his state of origin, you only need the local government identification.


It's clear that for married individuals applying for NYSC, the use of a domicile letter comes into play if they wish to serve in a state different from their husband's state of origin. 

In such cases, the domicile letter is required to state the present address of the husband. 

On the other hand, if the husband still resides in his state of origin, then the local government identification or state of origin certificate is sufficient for the wife's posting.

It's essential for married prospective corps members to understand this distinction to streamline their application process and ensure a smooth posting to their desired state. 

The domicile letter serves as a substitute when the husband's location differs from his state of origin, allowing the wife to choose her posting based on the husband's present address.

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