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Does University of Ibadan (UI) Run Pre-degree/Remedial?

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For the past few years, I've been getting this question. Is the University of Ibadan (UI), running a pre-degree or remedial programme?

A few students, in the past, had called to ask and I was quick to answer them as directly as I could.

However, very recently, some scammers are taking advantage of innocent admission seekers. Hence, I saw the need to come up in full-writing to answer whether the university is one of the universities running pre-degree or remedial programme in Nigeria.

In this post, I will answer the questions, in writing, whether you do predegree at UI and shed more light on certain confusion.

University of Ibadan Doesn't Run Pregeree Programme

As hurting as this may sound to UI lovers, the university doesn't run predegree courses.

In case you don't know, a predegree programme is a 1-year-and-before-100 level programme that some universities do run in order to prepare their students for the regular 4-, 5- or 6-year university programme.

With this course, candidates will be groomed within their proposed universities' campuses or dedicated study centres. After this, they will obtain JAMB UTME and together with their predegree programme will be offered admissions to 100 level.

Unfortunately, the University of Ibadan (UI), as of now, has not started running predegree or remedial programme leading to 100 level admissions in the end.

Scammers are Posting Online that UI is Selling Pre-degree Admission Forms

I've personally seen some bloggers posting, online, that the University of Ibadan is running predegree course as such is selling form to the prospective candidates. That is a scam!

Be careful with what you will read and believe online. The University of Ibadan is not selling predegree through any website, admission officer or agent.

Just recently, an innocent girl, who fell victim to this scam, called me to ask when the entrance exam for the university's predegeee will hold.

As soon as I heard this, I knew the poor girl had been scammed.

I asked where she obtained the form, she told me he called their admission office whose number was copied from a blog or website and sent the sum of #15,000 to him.

He promised to complete the registration for the girl that she would receive a message for when the entrance exam will hold.

Be warned, once again, UI doesn't have any website through which it's selling the predegree form or a person be it lecturer or admission office or agent selling such forms.

University of Ibadan Sells Other Forms than Predegree

Some of your friends or families may be mixing things up if they argue UI is selling PDS or PD forms.

They may be mistaken the universities Post UTME/DE, Distance learning, A'level Advance level and a few other forms for remedial.

Let me explain.

UI Post UTME/DE forms are meant for candidates who had chosen the university during the JAMB registration or had later changed to the university. Such students will buy their form after they might have met up with the cut-off mark announced by the university. 

After this, they write their entrance exam (except for DE applicants) and await admissions eventually to 100 and 200 levels for the UTME and DE applicants respectively.

UI A'level programme is a 9-month advanced course, for the SSCE holders, organized by the university's international school. The aim is to prepare their candidates for the Cambridge exams. After completing this course and passing it, candidates can use their results to gain 2 level admission for any course of interest into the university or any other university accepting Cambridge be it at home or abroad.

UI Distance Learning Programme is open to both SSCE holders and BSC, HND, ND or NCE holders. Here is a for students to study at their own paces, including the working class, and earn degrees without being on campus or classes rooms like conventional students attending the non-DLC programmes.

For this programme which is more or less a part-time course, you're to obtain the admission form, participate in the entrance exam and screening. If offered admission, you can study on your own and only present at the study centre only for tests and exams. At the end of the course, 4 or 5 years, depending on the duration of the course, you're awarded BSC which is acceptable anywhere.

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