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How to Register For NYSC To Be in Stream 1 or 2

I've got this question from time to time. A few conscious prospective corpers had wanted to know what to do in order to go camping with the first stream of the batch.

Let me break this down a bit.

NYSC usually has two streams in each batch. So, in batch A, you expect 2 steams i.e Batch A stream 1 and Batch A stream 2. The same will happen to batches B and C.

The idea is that the steam 1 corps members will be the first set to go camping. It's after their 21 days on camps and posting to places of primary assignments that the stream 2 corpers will resume camp.

If you want to target steam 1 of your batch, what should do? Or if you prefer stream 2, what should be your approach too?

In this post, you get the right idea of what makes stream 1 or 2 possible by your own design.

To Be in Stream 1, Register Within the 48 Hours of Opening the NYSC Portal

Of course, the direct way to influence being posted with stream 1 of your batch is to register your mobilization within the first two days of the registration duration.

If the portal is opened for the batch registration between the 1st of March to the  15th of Mach, for example, you should be sure you register yours on the 1st or 2nd.

Although a few candidates from other days can be lucky to be included in stream 1, in most cases, those who registered on day 1 and day 2 will, in most cases, make stream 1.

This clue is not official though, it has been working for several years since the breaking of NYSC batches into streams.

People Who Register Late Will Mostly Fall to Stream 2

I doubt if you would want to be in stream 2 for any reason. But if that is your choice, don't rush to fill out your NYSC mobilization form. Wait till about day to the last day before registering.

Stream 2 may be your best choice if you need time to tidy up things before going camping. So, there you have the best way to approach the registration to secure the stream 2 seat and it works 80% of time.

Except where things are shuffled, which I pretty much doubt, the way the system works is to put the first-timers under stream 1 and the late comers under stream 2.

There could be some mixup though but very unusual.


The days or time of filling out the NYSC mobilization form will determine which stream you will fall. If you do yours early, the steam 1 is more guaranteed than registering late. Those who prefer stream 2 should wait till the last days before filling out the form.

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