Is It Allowed To Quit NYSC? Steps to Follow! -

Is It Allowed To Quit NYSC? Steps to Follow!

Prospective and current NYSC members are contemplating leaving the service early due to various personal reasons, prompting questions on the process of quitting NYSC, including whether it's possible, how to proceed, and the implications such as forfeiting benefits and potential re-entry into the program, highlighting distinctions between official resignation and absconding.

I got a few private chats about quitting the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). Some prospective corpers are not sure, with more important things to do during the service year, if they should go now and leave before the service-end date.

For whatever reason, some, who are already serving are considering stopping halfway. In fact, some will have reasons to leave the camps.

But is it possible to quit NYSC? and if Yes, how to go about it? If allowed, will you be awarded the discharge certificate or you will need to rerun the scheme?

These and more are a few questions to be attended to in this post.

You're Allowed To Officially Quit NYSC On Application

Whether you're still in camp or you've already reported to your place of primary assignment (PPA), you can quit the national service and consequently leave the programme.

NYSC might not be open about this, it happens once in a while and you're not under any obligation never to leave NYSC.

However, if you must approach that officially, there are steps to take to communicate your intention with the corps. You can then await approval before leaving.

Quitting the NYSC programme can be a difficult decision, but it is important to follow the due process to avoid any future complications. 

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Steps To Take in Quitting the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)

  1. Write a letter of resignation addressed to the Director General of the NYSC, stating your reasons for wanting to leave the programme.
  2. Submit the letter to the appropriate authorities at your Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) or to the State Coordinator of the NYSC in your state of deployment.
  3. You may be required to attend an interview with the State Coordinator, who will try to convince you to stay in the program.

You Won't Be Awarded a Discharge Certificate

After quitting NYSC, you're left with two options. You can reenter the scheme later depending on the term of your quitting whether it's temporary or permanent. This type of quitting might just be a form of temporary permission that the corps allows according to its Bye-Law.

If you'd just left the scheme on the temporary term, when you return and complete your service, you'll be issued your discharged certificate like anyone else.

If it's a total quitting of the scheme, the corps will give you, after approval of your resignation, an Exemption Certificate, which will exempt you from further participation in the program.

What You'll Lose To Quitting NYSC

It is important to note that leaving the NYSC before the official end date may have consequences, such as being unable to obtain certain government jobs that require NYSC certification.

Similarly, it results in the forfeiture of some benefits that are associated with the scheme, such as access to loan schemes and some private job opportunities.

Absconding Form Camp Or Service is Different From Quitting

The term "absconding" in the context of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) refers to a situation where a participant leaves the scheme without obtaining the necessary permission or completing the required service period. 

To abscond from NYSC, all it takes is to leave the camp or PPA at any time during the service year without an official request to leave or a persimmon grant. With your continual absence from the weekly CDs, the corps will mark you as "abscond".

Though absconding may lead to total quitting, the notable difference is that with quitting "you must have done that officially with permission". But with absconding, "the corps was not officially informed and no permission was granted".

Absconding from the NYSC programme is a serious offense and is viewed as a breach of contract. Participants who abscond from the programme may face severe consequences, such as being blacklisted from future government employment opportunities, being unable to obtain loans from certain financial institutions, and even legal action in some cases.

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If Absconding, You Can Do Remobilization

NYSC officially allowed corpers who were already mobilized but absconded on camp or from PPA to make use of its remobilization windows.

Remobilization according to NYSC

The corps will open its portal from time to time for this set of corpers to reenter the scheme so as to complete their service.

So, if you've left without official permission, and you want to continue now, you can go for the remobilization.

And if you're not sure about quitting, you can just abscond and later remobilize as earlier stated.

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