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There has been an ongoing conversation among my readers. One reader mentioned that he was in 200 level, but JAMB did not give him admission. Hence, he did not receive JAMB admission letters. In other words, only the school offered him admission.

Another reader replied that he did not need to worry about that but warned that he might not be able to go for NYSC if he did not get the JAMB admission letters until he graduated from the school.

After being done with university, the first commentator returned to say he did not receive the letter and is now a graduate. He was seeking guidance to come out of the mess, as NYSC is merely a dream that may not come true without JAMB admission offer and letters.

In this post, I will be addressing these issues and providing possible solutions.

Admission Given By School But Not By JAMB Doesn't Stop You From Going to NYSC

Of course, JAMB has claimed on several occasions that any admission offered without JAMB is illegal - to the extent of warning not to accept such. Well, to a certain extent, it illegal, but it's just a way to stop schools from bypassing JAMB in offering students admission or a warning to prospective admission seekers who might take any admission offer without thinking twice.

Any admission offered by a registered and accredited university, polytechnic, and colleges is recognized, even if it's not yet offered by JAMB. This is why JAMB introduced what's called regularization.

One of the reasons below might be why you didn't have the JAMB admission letters, even though your school has admitted you.

  1. You probably didn't write JAMB in that year of admission.
  2. You wrote JAMB but didn't choose the school that admitted you in JAMB.
  3. You chose the school but not as your first-choice institution.
  4. You were offered a different course by the school from the one chosen on the JAMB portal.

All these issues could be resolved through JAMB regularization.

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Graduates Without JAMB Admission Letters - How to Do Regularization

If you've been offered admission without JAMB, the board only needs your school to confirm and attest that you've truly been offered admission to the school and on what premises. This will be achieved through JAMB-Students-Institution regularization.

This regularization can be done from 200-level, 300-level, 400-level, or 500-level. You can also do it after graduation from school. Except that until you've been correctly regularized, you might not be mobilized for NYSC.

So, if you're a graduate now or in any of the levels mentioned earlier, you should go ahead with your regularization. To do that, follow the steps below:

  1. Generate a JAMB profile code by texting your NIN to 55019/66019, e.g., NIN 47758950967 to 55019/66019. You'll receive your profile code after being debited N50 for the service.
  2. Take this profile code to the nearest JAMB office for the regularization application. Have some information at hand when proceeding to the JAMB office for regularization. Read the post, JAMB Regularization: Prices and Documents Needed, for more details.
  3. At the JAMB office, you'll be regularized. The prices vary based on your situation.
  4. After completing the online regularization at the JAMB office, a copy of the indemnity form will be given to you. You're to submit this to the office of registration or the administrative block of your school for signing and stamping.
  5. The school will take this indemnity form and submit it to the nearest JAMB office or headquarters.
  6. After this, JAMB will finally approve your regularization.

What's Next After the Regularization?

First, JAMB will send an email to your used email to notify you of the approval of your regularization. If you don't see that, or you want to know as fast as possible, the status of your regularization, you should follow the tips in 4 Methods to Check JAMB Regularization Status.

If you've used a new profile during the regularization, you'll be able to print your JAMB admission letter through the new profile used for the regularization. If it's your old profile you used for the regularization, you'll be able to print the letters through the old profile too. What's important is to log in to the JAMB portal and navigate to where you will be able to print the JAMB admission letters.

Of course, if you've earlier checked your JAMB matriculation lists, you must have seen that you've not been offered admission by JAMB or that you should print your admission letter and result slip. If you recheck the matriculation list now, you should be there and probably be required to print your result too.


In a nutshell, dealing with the JAMB admission letter hiccup can be a bit of a rollercoaster, but hey, no worries! So, you graduated without that JAMB stamp, big deal? The secret sauce here is this cool thing called "regularization." Doesn't matter if you're on the brink of tossing your graduation cap or still hustling through the academic jungle – just dive into the process. 

Text your NIN, swing by the JAMB office, do the whole dance, submit the form to your school, and boom! Prices might play musical chairs, but it's the golden ticket to NYSC town. Once JAMB gives you the nod via email, log in, and bam – print those admission letters. NYSC dream? Sorted! Time to grab that dream by the horns and ride it out. You got this! 

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