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Why Was JAMB Number Not Found on DE Registration Portal

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Candidates planning to register for JAMB Direct Entry are lately facing an issue. They may not find their UTME registration number on the JAMB registration platform. Hence, unable to complete their DE registrations.

Let’s get a clear picture of this challenge.

  1. Before you register for JAMB Direct entry, you must have in your possession the JAMB (UTME) registration number. This number must have been acquired when you gained admission for your first qualification – NCE, ND, HND, or BSC.
  2. This number has to be entered into the registration platform and must be found in the JAMB database (as a previously admitted candidate) before they can be able to register Direct Entry for you. JAMB needs and requires this number before you can register for DE.
  3. Candidates who gained admissions for their first qualifications through JAMB will have it handy. However, if you had gained admission without JAMB in your admission year, you will need the JAMB regularization before you can be given one. Then, you will be able to register for DE.
  4. If you're confused about whether JAMB offered admission that year or not, check the JAMB matriculation list. This may save you a headache.

Back to the discourse. A few candidates had presented their JAMB registration numbers but found out, at the point of registration (CBT centers) for DE, that the numbers were not recognized by the JAMB application platform.

What could have caused that?

Let’s see a similar complaint below and the official JAMB answer before I clarify things further.

In this case, I can say the JAMB handler was not well informed of what happened but I can help.

The applicant must have truly written JAMB in his admission year. He registered for and wrote the UTME. With that, he had a registration number which he now submitted for DE application.

But let ask him if he gained admission with the said JAMB. That is the point!

You can, of course, write JAMB in a year but have never been offered admission with that result.

For instance, a candidate who wrote JAMB but failed or didn’t get the right mark to pull a full-time university, polytechnic, or college of education admission may gain the same through the Daily Part-time programme.

RecommendedInformation/Payment Needed To Fill JAMB Regularization 

In that case, he didn’t use JAMB to gain admission. He was taken on a part-time, sandwich, or distance learning programme

Though starting from the 2019 admission year, JAMB has instructed running part-time, distance learning, and sandwich programmes to instruct their candidates to register with JAMB. This doesn't mean they will write JAMB - just for data capturing purposes.

Hence, he should not just submit that year's JAMB registration number for the Direct entry application unless he does what is called regularization.

In order to guide the applicant in our case study, JAMB says:

Before you proceed with the regularization, you will need to fill condonment of illegal admission form and the indemnity form on JAMB website for your records to be properly captured.

This simply means you should fill the form online, print out the indemnity form, and submit that to your school. The school forwards it to JAMB before they can approve your regularization.

How to Do JAMB Regularization to Activate that JAMB Registration Number

  1. After JAMB regularization approval, an applicant can be given a new JAMB registration number. This is if he didn’t write JAMB at all in the admission year.
  2. If he wrote JAMB that very year, he can just register the regularization on the JAMB registration number he got for the year. JAMB will approve that registration number instead of giving a new one.
  3. To register JAMB regularization, follow the guide here.


If you can’t find your JAMB registration number in the JAMB database at the DE registration point, it is more likely because you didn’t gain admission through that very UME/UTME.

You’re advised to do regularization first. You can just activate that JAMB registration number through the regularization before you proceed to register for the Direct Entry.

Wishing you luck!

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  1. I have been trying to register for my post utme but is kept saying
    Data can't be found
    Please what does it mean and what do I do?

    1. It may mean:
      1. you did change of institution but your data had not been sent to the school yet to update to the school portal
      2. the school had got your data but has not uploaded it for you to register
      3. you didn't do change of institution but the school omitted your data while uploading candidates to database

    2. What kind I do to this kind of situation

  2. Please sir I did change of institution/course then went to register for the school post utme form and it's telling me that my jamb registration number does not exist, what could be the reason please??

    1. It may be because your JAMB details had not been sent to the school or the school is yet to upload it to their portal. wait and check back later.

    2. I’ve been checking for 3 weeks now and still nothing

    3. Maybe the post UTME registration has been closed before your applied for change of institutions or it's already closed.

    4. Please I need to know wither my jamb number is working to register 2023 DE because I write the and make conversion change to DE but enable to have admission and I buy De form again so is good to use it for this year? My name is Aminu Muhammad from sokoto

  3. Pls I did change of institution too and it's saying my reg number was not found on jamb list?
    Pls what do I do

  4. Good morning sir, I am currently seeking admission using a direct entry but it keeps saying my registration number does not exist or has not been granted admission. I have checked the jamb matriculation list for 2018 and my details were there meaning I was granted admission that year, but yet it keep stating that my registration number does not exist or has not been granted admission, please how can I resolve this?

    1. You should try to reprint JAMB admission letter for that year.

    2. Please have you been able to resolve this issue cause I'm currently facing the same problem with my DE registration

  5. Please I tried using my number to get my examination slip . But they said tht my details does not exist for this Examination . So .. what exactly should I do

    1. Use this link https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/ExamSlipPrinting/PrintExaminationSlip

      Or send the phone number to me at [email protected]

    2. Am having thesame issues like this

  6. What can I do... I don't didn't know I have to create a jamb account... Now I want to check my result and admission status but its telling me the page have been changed. I went to download the jamb app and login with my registration number but it's telling me invalid.
    Please what can I do.. I'm really scared.

  7. I cannot supply my jamb registration number on my carps pls why?

  8. Sir please,I registered for jamb last year but I don't sit for it,so this year I registered and sat for it,the issue now is that I can't input my registration number in my jamb caps.

  9. Good day sir
    I tried inputting my jamb registration number on Delsu portal for post utme but then it said they did not receive my registration number from jamb??
    Sir is there any solution to this πŸ™

  10. Sir I did changing of Institution and I want to register for post utme but saying invalid registration num and the post utme will soon close wat should I do sir

  11. Please ..I’m trying to apply for post-UDE(uniben ) now via the school portal and it’s keeps showing NO APPLICATION FOUND and my jamb details are all correct in it . Does it mean I can’t this year anymore or the mistake is coming from jamb itself and can also be redeem by them anytime sooner?


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