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Can a Candidate Score Zero (0) in JAMB UTME?

0 in JAMB possible?

This will be a little funny, but can a candidate really score zero in JAMB?

You will love to know especially if you're one of the candidates who were unable to check their results on the phones as instructed by JAMB. In the meantime, you'll have to wait until the board loads it online for printing.

But before then, do you know whether it's possible to score zero or not.

We've got a series of claims. JAMB scored me less than 100. My mark was deducted later after I’d already checked higher score. My mark was increased but JAMB denied it. But, has anybody complained that he got zero over 400 in UTME or 0 in any of the four UTME subjects?

The answer to this is simply NO.

Yet, we may still want to be curious to know if it's possible, for any reason, that a candidate can get zero (0). If it has not happened before, can it possibly happen now?

The answer to that, as well, is NO.

Worst Case Scenarios That Should Lead to Scoring 0 in JAMB

It's possible to think with any of the three situations below, a candidate should be awarded 0.
  1. Absenteeism in the exams
  2. Attempting none of the questions
  3. Missing answers to all the questions

Yet, JAMB will not score them zero in any of the cases above.

But why?

Why JAMB Doesn't Score Candidates Zero

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board adopts a policy of score standardization under which the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination candidates cannot get zero, even if they are absent from the examination. The same applies to candidates who did not attempt any question or who did not get any answer correctly.

This position was made known to the public, at score standardization at the 45th International Association for Education Conference held in Azerbaijan by the registrar.

According to JAMB, the score standardization policy means that all candidates, who are registered for a paper, will be awarded a score for that paper, and there would be no zero scores.

In a conflicting development, another JAMB source explained that the statement by the registrar was not meant to say you can't score zero in the real sense of it. Though it may be conflicting, yet we can pick some sense here too. See more details on this conflicting stand.

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