Does JAMB Set "Theory" Questions and How Many? -

Does JAMB Set "Theory" Questions and How Many?

If you're taking JAMB UTME for the second time, the question of whether the board sets "theory" questions wouldn't be in your database. However, candidates who are taking UTME on the first try will be eager to know if UTME includes theoretical questions.

A student in her SS 2, who wanted to take JAMB too, just contacted me to know if she should prepare herself for both objective and theoretical questions in the forth-coming UTME.

She, like any other secondary students or leavers, will ask this question because of the type of exams (e.g. WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc.) they were used to - which usually have both theories and objectives.

For JAMB, is it the same or there is a difference in this area?

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JAMB Doesn't Test Candidates With Theoretical Questions

The board, over years, has not, and most likely for the years to come, will not set theoretical questions in its UTME. The questions previously set were objectives and those to be expected in the future will remain the objective only.

Theoretical questions are generally open-ended questions that require students to provide a detailed explanation or analysis of a particular concept, idea, or theory. 

These questions often require students to draw on their knowledge and understanding of a subject to provide a well-reasoned and logical answer. Examples of theoretical "What are the key components of a successful marketing strategy?"

On the other hand, objective questions are typically closed-ended questions that require a student to select a specific answer from a predetermined set of options, e.g. A-D.

JAMB will always go for the latter. This is also your fate in the board's Mock and if your schools do conduct entrance exams called the post-UTME.

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The True Nature of JAMB UTME Questions and How The Board Sets Them

Having established that you'll only be tested with objective questions in UTME, you may want to know if there will be any special difference in these questions, how they're usually set, and more.

The board sets its questions using a combination of guidelines and procedures that are designed to ensure that the questions are fair, relevant, and consistent across different test sessions.

First, JAMB conducts extensive research and analysis to identify the topics and concepts that are most important for students to understand in the relevant subject area. This research is based on the official syllabus and previous exam questions, as well as feedback from teachers and other educational experts.

Next, JAMB uses a team of experienced item writers and subject matter experts to develop the actual exam questions. These questions are designed to be challenging but fair, and they are reviewed and edited multiple times to ensure that they meet JAMB's standards for quality, relevance, and clarity.

Once the questions have been developed, they are subjected to a rigorous testing and review process to ensure that they are free from errors, bias, and other issues that could affect their validity or reliability. 

It also uses statistical analysis and other quality control measures to ensure that the questions are well-balanced and that they provide an accurate assessment of students' knowledge and skills in the relevant subject area.

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Number of The Objective Questions and Their Order

The number of questions set for UTME follows the same pattern irrespective of candidates' proposed courses and schools. You, like any other candidate, will take four subjects. For the core subject of English, which is compulsory for all candidates, there are usually 60 questions in total - the other three subjects may have 40 questions each.

In terms of the order of questions, JAMB usually randomizes the order of the questions for each candidate. This means that no two candidates will see the questions in the same order. I gave you a full account of this in my post, "Will All UTME Candidates Get the Same JAMB Questions?".

The computer software is designed to randomly select questions from a large pool of questions, so no two candidates will have exactly the same set of questions. 

JAMB uses a computer-based testing (CBT) format for its UTME, which means that candidates will be required to answer the questions using a computer.

This helps to ensure that the exam is fair and unbiased and that candidates are tested on a wide range of knowledge and skills.

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